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Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 | 0 comments

Tag your MP3s, please !

This is a message to all artists and publicists who kindly submit music files to podcasters. Guys, you allready took the time to select a song, to write an email, to send it. So please, please, please take an extra 20 seconds to tag – and name ! – your files properly !


Editing ID3 Tags in iTunes

A lot of software, commercial, opensource, or even carefully handcrafted, can take advantage of those tags. It’s really nice when, once loaded into said software, we can read the artist name, the song title, and the album it’s taken from. And there is a lot you can put in those tags : copyright information, contact address, date of publication, website, and so on ! It’s also really usefull to find one particular song hidden in a 1000-track collection, as most of the software used to manage MP3s are able to search those tags using keywords.

Also, take care of the naming of the files you send. I rember one time, I got a complete album from an artist, and I downloaded it on my PC. The archive was name kind of properly – it was named like the album, but didn’t include the artist’s name – but once I unziped the file, the tracks where named track01.mp3, track02.mp3, etc… And guess what ? That’s right, no tags either ! And since the album was not available to buy on the major outlets, I had to contact the artist again, and ask for the track titles. I eventually got them, and I ended up tagging and renaming the files myself, but we – myself and the artist – lost time that we probably could have used to do something far more interresting.

So please, take 20 seconds to tag and name your files properly, and you’ll allow hundreds of podcasters to focus on producing better shows !

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