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Who Are You People? Branding Your Band

Erk from Erk FM writes our blog this week about promoting yourself as an artist or band, and reminds you artists out there that  there are many different parts to this brand you are building as an artist and what is important to us podcasters when we receive your music submission or see you play live.

Each week, I come into contact with many bands looking for airplay on Erk FM, some directly, some via agencies and the like. Since starting to produce Erk FM in January 2009, I have played over 2000 bands. This figure only includes bands that I have been able to find websites and biographical information for.

Sometimes I find myself asking the question, “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?”


Rachel from Simulacra

If people don’t know who you are or don’t remember you, they won’t become your fans.

There are many cities such as Sydney where I live where there are limited venues for live music – especially as the music gets heavier.  There are many bands and solo artists out there trying to get attention. So how can you get the attention of someone like me who is quite willing to play a range of music styles? Here is a list of a few things that you can make sure you start doing.

In no order (and not an exclusive list to me):

  • Play great music
  • Have a great live show (if I get the chance to see you live)
  • Stay in touch with me
  • Have a good bio & give me something that stands out
  • Have a good website, preferably your own website (I hate Myspace!)
  • Make sure your website is current (did you break up in 2008 because that’s the last entry on your website?)
  • Include a link to your band’s website in your email to me
  • If your band/artist name is difficult to pronounce, give me a clue on how to say it (after all, I am doing an audio show!)
  • Produce an audio promos such as “Hi, this is Band X, you are listening to Erk FM….” (but feel free to be creative!) will be played on the show regularly. Don’t forget to add your website address to the audio.
  • When you are on stage, tell people who you are! The vocalist should tell people at least once in a 45 minute set, if not once at the end & once at the end – especially if you don’t have a host/MC at the venue.
  • Other ways to tell people who you are while on stage are graphics on the front of your drum kit and a banner as a backdrop. Another option is a portable display sign (depending on the venue) at the side of the stage.

If you’re a podcaster or receive music submissions, add your ideas of things to add to this list in the comments below. If you’re a musician, is there anything here that’s especially challenging where you would like help? There’s plenty of us here at the Association of Music Podcasting who would be willing to lend a hand.

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