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Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 | 2 comments

Where Can We Find You? Helping Fans Find You Online

Erk from Erk FM writes the blog this week to, in short: help musicians help podcasters. Erk also addresses a wider issue which is that any artist who does self-promotion should make themselves easy to find online and always recognizable  He also makes a few recommendations to other podcasters.

Each week, I come into contact with many bands looking for airplay on Erk FM, some directly, some via agencies and the like. I have played well over 2000 bands since starting Erk FM in January 2009.

I’ll ask the question: “WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU?” – not only is this tip aimed at bands also partly is aimed at my fellow music podcasters.


Michael from Amodus

As you should know, Erk FM is about promoting the music and the artists. During a regular show, I’ll usually feature up to 10 bands in an hour’s show. During that time, I’ll usually (but not always) tell the listener a little bit about your band.

On a related note, Erk FM has a “NO BIO: NO PLAY” policy. If you can’t be bothered to put fingers to keyboard and put a short bio on your website to promote you, why should I promote you? There are plenty of bands out there who are willing to do a lot more than that to get played.

One thing that I do not do that some other music podcasters (and it is their personal choice to do so, just like it is my personal choice not to do so) is to announce the name of the band’s website, followed by their Facebook page, their Reverbnation page, their Twitter ID, their M*****e page (Erk hates that site!) and any other site.

If the band has a difficult name to pronounce and/or to spell, the podcaster will spell it for you. Again, their choice. I’d rather use that time to play some more music or tell the listeners about you. If your band does have a difficult or unusual name, a hint on how to pronounce it would be greatly appreciated!

A little part of me dies inside every time a music podcaster spells out a band’s name or their website, especially when they say: “Haitch Tee Tee Pee Colon Backslash Backslash Dot Double U Double Double Dot insert band’s name here Dot Com forward slash main Dot Haitch Tee Em ‘ell.”

This does not mean that I totally ignore your website. I link to your best possible website in the show notes. Officially (and ideally), this should be your official site that you control. Your main site & primary presence should not be a Facebook page, Reverbnation page as an example. Why you should have your own site that you control is a story for another post but your official site should be able to direct people to those other sites should people choose to go there.

On every episode, I encourage listeners to go to the show notes and to click on the artist links. Like the average music podcast listener, I am not always sitting in front of my computer with keyboard at the ready or pen in hand to write a website address down. If I really want to find the band, I will go to the show notes or Google them later.

If you are emailing me as a band member to submit music for Erk FM, it’s great if you have your name in the email signature as well as the name of your band and the band’s website. I should not need to Google you to find you, especially if you have sent me an email. For a band, you would probably be OK if you used your name, name of your band and the website address for your band.

If you are a music podcaster, do not feel like you need to chase a band for this information. I reserve the right not to consider a band if they have not supplied me any of the essential information.

So in summary:

  • Include your main website address in your email signature & bio information.
  • Don’t make me Google you, especially if you have emailed me for a music submission.
  • Don’t be surprised if myself & other music podcasters do not read your website address out.
  • There’s no need to list every website known to mankind. List your main site (that should be your own!) and link to your other sites from there.
  • Music podcasters, please don’t kill me by spelling out website addresses! It sounds untidy & the time spent spelling out the website could be put to better use.

Please include your questions and comments to Erk and the Association of Music Podcasting in the comments below.


  1. The Eclectic Chair with Trish Lewis podcasting two hours of music weekly.

  2. To Erk and the Association of Music Podcasting

    XOVA (pronounced Crossover) are a multi-genre band who fuse Pop with a modern mix of Reggae, Rock, Ska, Indie, Motown and folk.
    The past few years have seen the six-piece perform support slots for The Spin Doctors, The Beat, The Selector, The Dualers, The Moulettes, and Ali Campbell (UB40), between their own tour dates. With an ever-growing live reputation, they won a slot at the 2013 “Isle of Wight” Festival from over 3,000 entrants as one of the best unsigned bands in the UK.

    (Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music)”This is one of the tightest bands I have heard in a very long time”

    (Claire Balding, BBC Radio2) after Playing (Little Lion)”I really Like this, it’s quite Wonderful – Thurs 13th April 2014″

    (Foxy and Guilliano, Free Radio – Birmingham) after their Exclusive Play of (Your To Blame) 1st April 2014 “Xova Sound Brilliant, we really want to see these guys Live ”

    (Darren – Tramlines Fest 2014)”The Best Live band i’ve booked in 20 years promoting ”

    Fired up by social and political unrest, as well as affairs of the heart, inspired the band towards the end of 2014 to release a new remix of “You’re to Blame” from their first album “The Pressures of Life”. They also re-released “Little Lion” to once again help and aid the charity “Crohn’s and Colitis UK” in their bid to bring awareness to the everyone who listened about the disease.
    Their best Single releases to date “9 Lives” and “Tears” (taken from their “Little Lion EP”) has earned and gained them lots of Radio airplay on many Stations around the World, along with adoring Fans who Love their music.

    The band are now Signed to Bournemouth UK label “Streets Music” who will release their new album “Synchronise Your Leaders” along with a video for their new single “Lullaby” very soon, with a 2015 Radio promotion and tour

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