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AMPed Show #468

Hosted this week by Nick Tann of Is This Thing On Podcast with music from I am Giant, Your Underdog, Adri-Anne Ralph, Desert Ships and Nick Tann



AMPed hosted this week by Nick Tann of Is This Thing On Podcast

  1. Razor Wire Reality

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    I am Giant are a band split between London in the UK and New Zealand. Their new album “Science and Survival” is a great slab of Hard Rock. Razor Wire Reality is the third track off the album and they are touring the UK and New Zealand, details on tour and where to buy the album are at

  2. No Swim Zone

    Submited by Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio

    New York City’s, Your Underdog just released their debut single entitled No Swim Zone

  3. Can’t Keep Up

    Submited by Matt Brier of Idiosyncratic Transmissions

    Adri-Anne Ralph has had a varied life from office worker to South American missionary to urban social worker to vocal coach and now R&B singer. Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Nikka Costa, and Alicia Keys this up and comer has a new album out titled “How Long.”

  4. Skyliner

    Submited by Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio: UK

    A swirling mass of sound, light and dark rhythm. Trip-tonic space rock. Debut album (produced by former Ride singer turned ace producer, Mark Gardener) out now on iTunes and Spotify.

  5. Never Did Me Harm

    Submited by Nick Tann of Is This Thing On Podcast

    This track from Nick Tann’s recent album 3 am was featured in Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Music Fresh on The Net Mixtape this month. The part fan funded album has been getting some great airplay and can be bought exclusively on Nick’s website.

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