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AMPed Show #513



AMPed hosted this week by Ro of DarkCompass

  1. Am I the Worm

    Submited by Matt Brier of Idiosyncratic Transmissions

    Simon van Gend plays upbeat indie/folk rock. “Am I the Worm” showcases just how foot tapping his music can be. The song is from his new album “Suffer Well” which is available now.

  2. Ghost Shadow

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Swirling, dreamy pop hooks accentuated with the haunting sounds of Farfisa organ cloak the somber and sardonic musings of former Nightinghales front man Ben Bachman in his new project, High Tiny Hairs.

  3. Art of Wire

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    On 2nd Oct 2015 a new EP titled ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’ will be released. You can hear the first track on the EP at
    2014 debut seven-track EP ‘Afflict and Redeem’

  4. Lose Control
    by Nishe

    Submited by Ro of Made In The UK Show

    Nishe are an Alternative/Indie-rock band from London (UK) consisting of Giovanni Zappa (lead vocals, guitar, electronics), Harold Wilson (bass, backing vocals) and Thomas Romer-Smith (drums), three guys portraying different environments and mixing a diverse range of influences, from energetic guitar riffs and big surrounding sounds to urban grooves with cutting edge electronic layers.

  5. New Wave (This is Rock and Roll)

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    It’s all mixers and Drum Machines with Niall from London.
    With influences of Trip Hop and Space Rock, Niall blends this to make something that sounds out of the 90’s for the future.

  6. Once Upon A Time

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Ashes To Ashes is an Italian alternative metal band founded in Genova, in 2010 by the singer/pianist Marta Vassallo, by the lead guitarist Paolo Schiavi and by the drummer Paolo Di Lorenzo. In April of 2012 the Aslhes To Ashes flew overseas. The Band recorded their first album at Westfall Recording Company in New York! Their sophomore album “Urania” is now ready to be released by Epictronic.

  7. Cold Waves, Yound Blood

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Home Lives is the brainchild of songwriter, singer and guitarist, Mike Horgan. The project began with the simple idea of creating classically catchy pop song structures combined with honest and (at times) embarrassingly personal lyrics about broad concepts like childhood, love, post-college Millennial life, and the human condition, sprinkled with the occasional pop culture reference.

  8. Trash

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    From Denver in Colorado, the three piece have just brought out a new Album, this is off it.

  9. Grey Sunday (Proxy Mix)

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Lysergic lullaby introduces you into the dreams’ world; state of mind where everything is possible…you can see a white rainbow.
    This is a lucid dream… only an awakening from reality.
    A Copy For Collapse is mixture of 80’s sound, coldwave, electro and chill-wave.

  10. Champagne (Romin Mix)

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Lunar Twin is a dreamwave band from Los Angeles consisting of Christopher Murphy (production/music) and Bryce Boudreau (vocals/co-production). They met in July 2011, at the Denver Underground Music Festival when Bryce joined as a guest of Chris’ previous gothic synth band Nightsweats. They formed Lunar Twin in October 2013, and derived the band’s name from a theory about earth having possibly had a twin moon.

  11. Love Like Fire

    Submited by Ro of Made In The UK Show

    Beat boxing, Guitar, percussion, Saxophone, keyboards Harmonica and vocals are the main instruments that I use. I’ve enjoyed warm up slots for The Animals, The Blockheads, and Martha Tilston amongst others. Although I have recently been focusing on my own miniature, mobile, bicycle powered stage.

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