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AMPed Show #525



AMPed hosted this week by Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio

  1. Rites of Spring
    Submited by Nick Tann of Is This Thing On Podcast

    The band formed in Southampton in 1986, the teenage creation of singer/songwriter/guitarist DAN O’FARRELL and keyboardist RICHARD BARRETT. Immediately playing gigs in their home town, they became significant players in the vibrant South Coast music scene of the time. Selling short runs of home-produced cassette albums, they typified the have-a-go attitude of the resolutely anti-fashion and anti-showbiz UK post-punk era

  2. Ignore
    Submited by Rodrigo de Sá of Cowboy Cantor

    Toronto based rock duo Girl Meets Bear are Rebecca Emms and Joel Bojeczko. Starting in Edmonton, taking over the Alberta live music scene in fall 2011, Girl Meets Bear stage presence separated the band from other local acts. In 2013 they moved to Toronto, where they have been recording some songs with Mike Rocha, that you can expect to appear anytime on your favourite digital retailer.
    It made the singles and EP 2015 top 10 of Cowboy Cantor

  3. The Fall of Sirius
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    “The Fall Of Sirius’ is the opening track from the upcoming self-titled debut EP of the world’s first Indian Classical-Progressive metal band- Mute The Saint.Defined by the Sitar player and founding member , Rishabh Seen.

  4. Last Chance
    Submited by Dave & Caroline of The Bugcast

    Kristen Barkuloo is an independent singer/songwriter with a soft, warm vocal style.

    When Yannick played this artist on last week’s show, he mentioned this track as the follow-up to her debut album “Halfway to Tennessee”

    As Kristen is one of The Bugcast’s big finds for 2015, it’s only fitting that we submit this track for the first AMPed of 2016.

    A beautiful voice that needs to be heard.

  5. Velvet Skin
    Submited by Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio: UK

    Little Death Machine are an industrial band from London, they released their EP Velvet Skin about a year ago, this is the title track from it.

  6. Happy New Year
    Submited by Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio

    Vancouver, BC progressive rock band We Are the City released this new year flavored track back in March 2011 via their six-track EP, High School.

    The band is currently touring in support of their newest album Above Club.

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