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AMPed Show #526



AMPed hosted this week by Ro of DarkCompass

  1. The Way Things Go
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Played previously on Amped, Crooked Weather is certainly a favourite. Their new album Long Garden is out now.

  2. Levada Tropical
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Drumagick are a Drum and Bass outfit from Brazil, with 4 albums to date, they have brought catchy South American and European Dance tunes together.

  3. Feel Alive
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Aleks Grey is a Young Norwegian Artist, based in Liverpool.
    His debut album “Souls” came out on October of 2015, and has been recently played on BBC Introducing.

  4. Black Rose
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Three Years ago Eliza Rickman released her debut Album O’ You Sinners, Black Rose is from that album.
    Now with a new release, this 30 year old is set for stardom.

  5. 1,001 Mistakes
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Jills lowfi acoustic sets and vocals are a breath of fresh air for a new year.
    This track 1,001 mistakes is taken from her “Pirsig Studios Sessions” EP available for free on Jamendo.

  6. Unhappy People
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Partisan are from Ghent in Belgium. Their Post Punk influences exude in their Debut EP “Partisan”, from which this track is taken from .

  7. Dancing With Your Ghost
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Luna Aura is a Electronica Artist from Phoenix Arizona, not a place noted for it’s European style of music.
    Luna has been featured on VH1, has recently been on tour.
    More of her music can be heard on Soundcloud and is available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify

  8. Gleipnir
    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Skalmold are a Viking Metal band from Iceland, blending Hard Rock and Nordic Folk stories into high octane fist pumping power.
    Born Loka, which this track is taken from, got them touring outside, and was seen at Hammerfest last year – a metal festival based in Wales.
    They went down a treat.

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