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AMPed Show #538

Hosted this week by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio with music from Patrick Joseph, Dave Russell, Park Fires, Brene Wilson, Silhouette Cities and Tom Carter



AMPed hosted this week by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio

  1. Don’t You Know

    Submited by Matt Brier of Idiosyncratic Transmissions

    Patrick Joseph is a self described PA alien living in Los Angeles. He has an indie-pop/rock sound. “Don’t You Know” is his latest single and it was released at the end of January.

  2. How Country is That

    Submited by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio

    Dave Russell is a “good Ole’ down home country boy” doing what he loves to do, sing and perform. Now with the upcoming release from Cupit Records, he is about to share his passion with not only the thousands of fans he already has, (Dave is one of the top performing acts as booked by several agents on the west coast), but with new fans he surely will pick up along his way.

  3. Home

    Submited by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio

    From Leeds in the UK, electropop duo Park Fires released their infectious debut single ‘Home’ on 25th March. Heavily influenced by both the synth-driven sound of 80s heavyweights The Human League and Depeche Mode and the fierce choruses of female-fronted 90s bands Garbage and Republica, the girls have a real knack for crafting pure pop melodies and pulsating electronica soundscapes.

  4. Life to the End

    Submited by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio

    Brene Wilson is an alt-pop/rock singer/songwriter from Delaware, int the U.S.A. He released this track as a single a few weeks ago.
    The song is about overcoming struggles and not giving up. It was actually inspired by the whole recording process, which he produced himself.

  5. Hanging on by a Thread

    Submited by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio

    Silhouette Cities is a powerhouse alternative rock band based out of the Washington, DC area. “Silouhette Cities” is the 4th track on their newest album “No Worse for the Wear,” released last summer.

  6. Remember the Days

    Submited by Yannick Mauray of Euterpia Radio

    Tom Carter grew up listening to the great British Invasion Bands of the 1960s. But he also was a child of the 70s and the early eighties. Therefore, he loves a lot of different types of music, be it funk, punk, new wave, blues, just to name a few.
    What always mattered to him was that the songs were genuine and sincere. A hooky pop and a good beat always mattered too, and of course, a good story to tell.

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