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AMPed Show #543

Hosted this week by Ro of DarkCompass with music from Naryan, Carson Sekol, The Golden Grass, Moniker, Rotersand, Arian 1, Idlewar and Zublue



AMPed hosted this week by Ro of DarkCompass

  1. Frost
    by Naryan

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Naryan are a Melancholic Metal band from Finland, blending influences of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree with the darkness that can only come from the Nordic States.

  2. Back Burner

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    From Virginial, and signed to Imminence Records, Carson Sekol has released a new album called Trust Issues, full of Pop Punk and Indie.

  3. Get It Together

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Get it Together is off The Golden Grass’ new album “Coming Back Again”.
    Based from Brooklyn New York, this Psychedelic Rock Band are touring throughout the US.

  4. GC6

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Another band this week from Brooklyn, this time a band called Moniker.
    With Roots Rock, Indie, and reggae, their New Album is out now everywhere.

  5. Just Sales

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    From Germany Rotersand have been spending 10 years in perfecting their Post Industrial Electronica.
    Their new album “Torn Realities” is out everywhere now, and Just Sales is from it.

  6. Cyro

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    From Peru, and named after the French space program and rocket, ARIAN 1 took shape in 1992 in the city of Lima. They began as most musicians of the time, in garage bands, trying out the different trends and sounds of the underground scene.

  7. Out of My Head

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    This orange county band has been played on the Air, and this album “Dig In” is a belter.
    IDLEWAR is a three piece rock band in the best tradition of a power trio. Formed in 2014 the band has been working hard writing and recording.

  8. Hammer the Nail
    by Zublue

    Submited by Ro of DarkCompass

    Zublue are a high energy three piece Garage Rock band from Essex, UK. Influenced by the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth, the band’s debut EP ‘Change the Channel’ is an angst-ridden examination of a modern world controlled by the media.

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