3 Myths When Using Music for Your Music Podcasts

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There have been quite a number of misconceptions when it comes to using media items in a podcast. If you are planning to go into producing music podcasts, you may need to know about some myths that have been circulating and what the real deal is.

The 10-Second Rule

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There is no such thing as a 10-second rule. No matter how long you play music, as long as it’s not copyrighted, the owner can sue you for using their music.

Just because you can download their music over the internet doesn’t give you the right to use it on your podcast, you still have to ask for their permission to do so.

Credit the Owner for the Music

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It’s common for people to add credits for photos, music, and even videos that they use on the internet. This is appropriate for social media platforms but it’s not when it comes to podcasts.

You see, a podcast is more of your personal space and if you are planning to use any material in it, you need to have them licensed.

Not-for-profit Podcast

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Reasoning that you have a podcast show that is not-for-profit won’t cut it. When an artist makes music, they register it so that it can be copyrighted. This means that any person who will use it without their consent can be sued or penalized.

The moment that they released their music is the moment that they have established their right.

Can you remember the time when the government issued a statement wherein, they would arrest anyone who has been downloading files illegally?

The government’s reason for that is the artist’s work doesn’t get the compensation that they should have received because of the leaked files and that’s surely a way to drown the industry.

If you’re having second thoughts on starting a music podcast because of some of it’s legalities, don’t be. There are means that could allow you to use music for a small fee. Aside from that, you could also opt to discuss other aspects of music if you still don’t have your license ready yet.

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