In order to make our website more relatable, we are encouraging everyone to engage in our community. This forum section will serve as the living room of the entire website. In here, we will be discussing different issues where we allow everyone to take part in the discussion.

Our Greater Purpose

Purpose - ForumsWe know that as human as we are, there will be things that we could miss and not relay to you. Being able to open up to everyone provides more avenue for people to learn. Besides, we know that there’s still a lot more than one can learn. So, we decided that we can learn from you and you can learn from us too.

The advantage of knowing other’s experiences in addition to our own knowledge is that we will be able to improve the content that we have. There will be instances that you have experienced something, but we didn’t and having a wider perspective will help us address issues correctly.

We could use different scenarios to come up with a general solution that would be effective to address each problem raised. Helping us gather more information is a vital purpose of establishing this forum.

Making a Community

community - ForumsMore than helping you, we are also looking forward to establishing a community with the use of the website. All of the people reading here are probably interested in making their own podcasts.

This is a very convenient way of making sure that the music podcast community has each other’s backs instead of bringing them down.

People have this tendency to compete with others but that’s not what we’re going for. We want everyone to have their own shot at their music podcasts. Besides, this is also considered as a form of self-expression and people shouldn’t just be in one another’s way of doing so.

Don’t wait too long, start now and help us help you and other people to do the best that you can for your very own music podcast.