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Re-Post of Show #198 from 02/17/2009

No Idle Frets - Mon, 07/27/2015 - 21:13

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control: Soft Focus

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Mon, 07/27/2015 - 12:00
Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Soft Focus is the second single from the forthcoming LP Remember Me John Lydon Forever by Doubting Thomas Cruise Control (AKA DTCC) due out August 14th via Fleeting Youth Records and the band’s own Duckbill Records.

“A heartbreaking song at it’s core, “Soft Focus” is one piece of the bigger puzzle that is Remember Me John Lydon Forever. The album is quirky yet heartfelt, snarling yet sincere, it’s an introspective record that carries themes of growing up, responsibility that comes with age, and life expectations, the thoughts of an artist watching those around them enter “adulthood” and as Cardos puts it, the pursuit to “evolve from being defined by what you’re not and what you don’t ascribe to, and using that to figure out what you do ascribe to.” [via Fleeting Youth Records]

Facebook | BandCamp

Download Soft Focus

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Back for Day 15 and feeling great!!

Zaldor's World - Mon, 07/27/2015 - 07:15

Sorry for the lapse of shows, been a busy few days! I am on day 15 of my juice lifestyle change and feeling great!! I talk about that, as well as other happenings!

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 194

Idiosyncratic Transmissions - Mon, 07/27/2015 - 04:14

Music provided by the artists and Theme song provided by Dan at

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

LB The Emcee – Screams Inside
The Hidden Agendas – The Fall
Zoya – What’s Done Is Done
Jeff Oster – Night Train to Sofia
Noah Hoffeld – Same Old Song
Jacob Davich – Call My Name

AMPed Show #502

AMPed Weekly Show - Mon, 07/27/2015 - 04:00

Hosted this week by Ro of DarkCompass

Show: Is This Thing On Podcast
Song: Submission (Brocken Links)

Show: Made In The UK Show
Song: Every Step (Follow the Lights Mix (Ceiling Demons)

Show: DarkCompass
Song: I Could Never Be (Black Dawn)

Show: Insomnia Radio
Song: Difficulties Be Damned (Strange & Primitive)

Show: The Bugcast
Song: Better Man (Steven Dunston)

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Todd Tobias: Suvarnabhumi

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Sun, 07/26/2015 - 15:31
Todd Tobias Today’s Dose is from the new album Tristes Tropiques by Ohio based multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias.

“While best known for producing Guided By Voices and collaborating with Robert Pollard (Circus Devils, Ricked Wicky and Pollard’s solo material), Tobias has also crafted an innovative body of instrumental solo work, of which Tristes Tropiques is the latest chapter.

“Hypnotic and melancholy-soaked, Tristes Tropiques presents a luxuriant yet downcast tone, drawing comparisons to the eerie, transportive work of The Fun Years, The Gentleman Losers and Ian William Craig. This is no better exemplified than on single ‘Suvarnabhumi’, in which sparse, yearning guitar figures are subsumed by ethereal synths. Sinister yet alluring, these musical environments throb with sensuality, danger and promise.” [press release]

Facebook | BandCamp | Web Site (label)

Download Suvarnabhumi

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Made in The UK Show 182

Made In The UK Show - Sun, 07/26/2015 - 12:00
Hosted by Ro from DarkCompass Ceiling Demons: Every Step (Follow The Lights Remix) (Single Release, Yorkshire) Shooze: Rolling on The Wrong Side (from “Classified”, Redditch) Old House Playground: All Day Today (from “The Great Escape EP”, Manchester) Chelsea: Someone Like You (from “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning”, London Swedish Death Candy: So Long… (from So Long, … Continue reading Made in The UK Show 182 →

Cowboy Cantor 256ª Emissão: a última da época 2014 – 2015

Cowboy Cantor - Sun, 07/26/2015 - 10:30

1. Henry Wolfe – Crime (Los Angeles, E.U.A.)


2. Sun Gods to Gamma Rays – Gravity (Minneapolis, E.U.A.) [artista do mês de Janeiro]


3. Old Yellow Jack – I Found Oil (Lisboa, Portugal) [artista do mês de Fevereiro]


4. Rebekka Karijord – Use My Body While It’s Still Young  (Sandnessjøen, Noruega) [artista do mês de Março]

Loja oficial

5. Ladybug – Black Dog (Sesimbra, Portugal) [artista do mês de Abril]


6. Broad Beans – Stop Complaining (Ribeira Grande, Portugal) [artista do mês de Maio]


7. Tape Junk – Substance (Lisboa, Portugal) [artista do mês de Junho]

Pataca Discos


Cowboy Cantor, a excelência da música independente.


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Roadhouse 543

The Roadhouse Podcast - Sat, 07/25/2015 - 21:18
Old-timers know the secret, but newbies might be surprised when entering this edition of The Roadhouse - that the blues is about good as much as it is about bad. Reverend Raven & The Chainsmokin' Altar Boys, Carolyn Wonderland, Buddy Guy, John Ginty, Wee Willie Walker prove the point in this edition by keeping you moving and happy. That's what happens when you find yourself inside another hour of the finest blues you've never heard - the 543rd Roadhouse.

Pony Time: Time Tells Me

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Sat, 07/25/2015 - 12:00

Pony TimeSeattle rock duo PONY TIME have a new single out ‘Time Tells Me’, the first track on the band’s forthcoming fourth LP, Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True, set to officially drop on September 11th. The band is Luke Beetham, a Seattle native, and Stacy Peck,an Iowa transplant, who met helping a mutual friend move a stereo back in 2009. They started playing their unique brand of danceable punk music together soon after.

Influences here include: Gary Numan, Bo Diddley, The Milkshakes, The Breeders, and Fleetwood Mac.


Time Tells Me HypeMachine

the bugcast 369 – The Moo drank wine

The Bugcast - Sat, 07/25/2015 - 02:00

thebugcast369This week on The Bugcast: we offer our congratulations, and play 8 great tracks of new and old Creative Commons and independent music!

Songs played

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking


YouTube: Sugar Lab – Ecoute
Congratulations to Nic and Darren on their engagement

  • Please vote for us every day in July in the UK Podcasters Awards 2015
  • London Podcrawl 2015 will be on Saturday 12 September – Facebook Event
  • Please leave us feedback on the music or any of the topics that we’ve discussed.
  • The next live show will be episode 370, broadcast live in the chatroom on Friday 31 July 2015 at 21:30 UK time (BST/UTC+1).
Podcasts mentioned

Association of Music Podcasting
Made In The UK Show

Special thanks go to

The artists for allowing us to play their music.
Everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast of this show.
Internet Archive for hosting the podcast files
Ubuntu Podcast for the use of their Icecast server
Euterpia Radio for the use of their Shoutcast server
World Wide Indie Radio for relaying the live stream on their own service
Audio Graffiti for replaying the show on their station

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The Star Department: Stitches and Sleeves

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Fri, 07/24/2015 - 12:00
The Star Department The Pea Green Boat is the debut album by Irish atmospheric indie-pop duo The Star Department, who are from Dublin. The album, which features the deliciously melancholic new single Stitches and Sleeves, is out now through Hidden Shoal.

And we’re pleased to bring it to you as today’s Dose.

Facebook | Twitter | BandCamp | SoundCloud

Download Stitches and Sleeves

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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DC685 Open The Trees

Dark Compass - Thu, 07/23/2015 - 19:00

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

  1. Black Dawn: Open The Gates (from “Until we Meet”, New York, USA) – Prizes
  2. Sintrophy: My Sanctuary (from “The Arrival”, Ruhr, Germany)
  3. Her Demise, My Rise: Otaku Complex (from “Curses”, USA)
  4. Myridia: Into Majesty (from “Mirror  of Eden”,  Bournemouth, UK)
  5. Defect Designer: Flies on Your Lips (from “Ageing Accelerator, Oslo, Norway)
  6. Azgard: Sin (from “At The Break of The Day”, Ukraine)
  7. Earthborn Kings: Pandora’s Box (from “Relentless”, Hampshire, UK)
  8. Expenzer: Kill The Conductor (from “Kill The Conductor”, Switzerland)
  9. Zombie Death Stench: Godless Dawn (from “Infected”, Modesto, USA)
  10. Eclipse Prophecy: A Dying World (from “Days of Judgement”, Montreal, Canada, Maple Metal Records)
  11. Nordheim: Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit (from “Lost in The North”, Quebec, Canada, Maple Metal Records)
  12. Sonic Prophecy: Legendary (from “Apocalyptic Promenade”, Salt Lake City, USA)
  13. Thalion: Another Day (from “Dawn of Chaos”, Quebec, Canada)
  14. Tothem: Run To You (from “Beyond The Sea”, Rome Italy)
  15. Valfreya: Condemned World (from “Path to Eternity”, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  16. Yonder Realm: The Frugivores (from “The Old Ways”, North Babylon, NY, USA)
  17. Face Off: War Against War (from “The Colour of Rain”, Belgrade, Serbia, Mapel Metal Records)
  18. The Bridesmaid: Aldrin (from “Grayson”, London, UK) 10th August
  19. Ungoliantha: Black Essence of Christ (from “Dedicated to all Demons”, Lugansk, Urkraine)
  20. Sudden Flames: Pilgrims of Steel (from “Under The Sign of The Alliance”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  21. The Fierce and The Dead: Palm Trees (from “Magnet”, UK) August 18th


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Discovery 2 Preview with Vinyl Staircase, Lowly Hounds, Hana Piranha, Damien McFly and Esperi

The Justin Wayne Show - Thu, 07/23/2015 - 17:51

discovery 2 july 2015 poster

Our July showcase features the psychedelic/math rock sounds of Vinyl Staircase, hard howling, blues rock and high octane songs from Lowly Hounds, dark goth, punk riffs, razor sharp violin licks and drawled, snarly vocals of Hana Piranha, the charismatic Italian folk singer Damien McFly who has 10,000 subscribers on his You Tube Channel, and the extraordinary Esperi returns to Discovery, who creates live soundscapes with an unusual array of instruments.

Gig Particulars
  • When: Thursday 30th July, 2015
  • Doors: 7.30pm  Show starts: 8.00pm
  • Venue: 229 The Venue, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN
  • Tube: Great Portland Street
  • Join the Facebook Event
  • Tickets: £7 in advance or £10 at the door
Buy Tickets More about the artists VINYL STAIRCASE

Vinyl Staircase’s psychedelic sound with hints of Math-rock backed by a profound energy and bite that has seen full capacity venues collapse into chaos has bagged the band a feature in NME and airplay on key radio stations such as Amazing Radio; all whilst still at college. Due to supporting buzz bands such as Demob Happy and headline slots in their hometown of Guildford, the band are beginning to pick up momentum and move further up the new music scene.

“Pop nuggets like ‘Into The Aquarelle’ borrow psych guitar sounds and throw in twinkling arpeggios along side post-hardcore vocals, with the odd math-rock schism to break it up.” – NME Magazine

“4 teenagers from Surrey with amazing hair but better tunes. Like television but with fat distortion pedals. SO RAD.” – Joel Amey from Wolf Alice (Wolf Alice Fanzine)


Passion for the vintagevibe, american blues and the best of funk and soul brought together four eclectic session musicians who, having hit a wall working for other scene bands, were eager to write rock music worthy of beale street and beyond.

The Hounds high energy, surgically crafted music is the result of inspiration from generational songwriters, deep soul sounds and blue samericana. With hard howling riffs, boundless energy and high octane songs, conjure asound akin to White Denim, Alabama Shakes and Catfish & The Bottlemen. They just played at Beacon Festival and for the past few months have been gigging in some of London’s renowned venues

“The new EP is going to rock your body and make you jump up and down on your bed with some great guitar vibes and classic british blues rock vocals.”- Mugzmag

“I’ve been working with Nick Varey for years , and this is an artist that has never disappointed . Now roaring though the scene with Lowly Hounds i feel he’s found the perfect equilibrium between a rocking live band with a kick and proper songwriting, an absolute sure thing to check out. – Famous Wolf Promotions


Hana Piranha is a classically trained virtuoso violinist. From an early age she identified with strong women and individuality. Like her heroes Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, Hana has a complexity and vulnerability about her that shows you can be strong and triumphant by being wounded and fragile.

“Not so much caravans and campfires, more like T-Birds and Tequila… It all sounds like Kittie covering AC/DC…with a violin.”
– Michael Johnson, Nemesis To Go

“If you love music that comes from the heart, is loud, dark and a wee bit devilish – you’re going to love Hana Piranha.”- Olivia Cellamare, Gypsy Death And You


Hailing from Padova, Italy, Damien McFly is the moniker behind Damiano Ferrari,a driven, passionate and charismatic folk singer who bridges the gaps between old and new. His sound is a great compromise between the timeless vibes of country / folk and the catchy appeal of pop melodies with just a guitar, mandolin, double bass and drums.

In order to get a solid fan base he released four Cover Collections in 2014 with more than 20 videos. Thanks to this, his YouTube channel counts now 10.000 subscribers and more than 1 million overall views. A relentless live performer, Damien played over 150 gigs throughout Italy and Germany in less than a year and last summer he crossed the Atlantic to play gigs in Chicago, Indianapolis and Nashville.

New Start, his first single has collected thousands of airplays from international radios (Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, UK, Brazil, Russia, Croatia).


Esperi is Scottish multi-instrumentalist Chris James Marr. His music ranges from acoustic storytelling to colourful electronica looping and combining different sounds with his acoustic guitar. He uses a host of instruments from the conventional to the unusual including his signature rainbow-coloured bells, toys, tools and samples. Chris lives in East Coast Scotland and predominantly writes about his family, dogs, home and the great outdoors.

Esperi returns to perform at Discovery having played around the world in all sorts of venues and festivals, shared the stage with Andy Mckee, Jon Gomm, Gomez, Jeffrey Lewis, KT Tunstall, Noiserv and many more talented artists, collaborated with RM Hubbert and Alex Kopranos ( Franz Ferdinand ), Panda Su, Sonny Carntyne…

Esperi’s second album “Seasons” is out now. Including 11 new songs and it features the single “Somersaults” which was released on the day his son Callum was born including a sample of his heartbeat as the pulse behind the song.

“Juxtaposing acoustic guitar and a whole host of instruments and percussion, Esperi mainman Chris Marr seems to be making all the right waves.” – The List

“Esperi, aka Chris Marr, from Scotland, makes gorgeously intimate music. His autumnal tones – the quiet demeanor, acoustic guitar, delicate synth – give meaning to the weary-hearted.”- Knox Road

Oh Geronimo: The Flood

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Thu, 07/23/2015 - 12:00

Oh GeronimoCiarán Downes of Toronto based post-rock & indie-folk group OH GERONIMO recently sent us the backstory for today’s featured track ‘The Flood': “Not too long ago, my basement bedroom flooded as a result of heavy rainfall and snowmelt. This happened twice during the transitional turmoil between Ontario’s sombre winter and damp spring. It had a much more tragic and lasting effect than I had anticipated, since many sentimental items were slowly destroyed by mould. We drew inspiration from these events and their wake.”

The 2nd part of the two part song series is also available via the band’s website and they released a new video on July 21st which you can check out further below. It follows the resulting actions of the “leader of the divine conjurors” Stu’uldahn turning to the vigilante, Jarvis Manslaughter, to protect a sorceror’s sanctuary from the Wanderers, a group of people living off the land who’ve been pushed from their homes.

Three-man slingshots and slow-motion chaos ensues!


The Flood HypeMachine

July 31st – Bristol, NB – A.C. Sharkey’s
August 1st – Sydney, NS – Governor’s Pub
August 4th – St. John’s – TBA
August 5th – Corner Brook NL – Brewed Awakening
August 6th – Corner Brook, NL – Whalen’s Gate
August 7th – Pasadena, NL – Oasis Beach House
August 8th – Corner Brook, NL – TBA
August 12th – Edmundston, NB – Bar Le Deck
August 14th – Montreal, QC – Barfly
August 15th – Ottawa, ON – Avant-Garde Bar
August 20th – Toronto, ON – The Rivoli
August 21st – St. Catharines, ON – Detour Music Hall
August 28th – Burlington, ON – The Boston Manor
August 29th – Sudbury, ON – The Townehouse

TJWS 295: Mondays are music days

The Justin Wayne Show - Wed, 07/22/2015 - 16:48


I think we can all agree – Mondays are a great day for music. We’re glad you’re with us for today’s episode full with brand new music from the submission box and a bit of banter about the superamazing Moods of the Madison festival that just took place out in Ennis, Montana. (Hint: it was amazing.)


RJD2 spinning a sick set at Moods of the Madison 2015. (Photo credit Kathryn Hayes)

The Playlist ATL Funk Super Faced 31st Century Josephine Josephine Greye Where is Johnny Monday Blackbirds Monday Blackbirds Surrender Surrender Jon Wayne and The Pain Blue Skies A Poor Man’s Pocket David Garlitz Tonight We Celebrate v3 1 Detroit Block Party The Infatuations Past Lives The Ghost is Clear Exohxo L-O-V-E Ethereal Foxy and the Hares Viva Los Angeles Viva Los Angeles Kevin Sandbloom Dance Sunshine Dance Another Juggle Another Juggle First and Last First and Last Gemology Meet Me At The Wishing Well Shamanaid My Baby Sung To Me Sung To Me Rainbow Fresh Kiss The Ground Kiss The Ground Charlotte Wrinch The Man Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff Ton petit bébé EP David Garlitz Messing Around Messing Around Eyes For Gertrude


See you next week!

~JW and CR

Hookspine: Enough Cuteness

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Wed, 07/22/2015 - 12:00
Hookspine Hookspine is the one man project of French artist JnL, Jean-Nicolas Lys.

Enough Cuteness is his first single, from his debut EP planned for December 2015.

The single is available as a digital download with the B-side Brazen pimp (which itself is worth checking out at the links below) and will be out on CD in August

Facebook | BandCamp | SoundCloud

Download Enough Cuteness

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Is This Thing On Independent Music podcast BLUE

Is This Thing On Podcast - Tue, 07/21/2015 - 17:24



Is This Thing On Podcast


Hey now! Listen to this You can hear Rocket Van – 15 minutes, The Beautiful Game – King William, James Bartholomew – Far Away, The Vast Alps – Vanity, The Fierce and The Dead – On VHS, Nick Tann – Dream
You know it makes sense!

The post Is This Thing On Independent Music podcast BLUE appeared first on Is This Thing On? Independent Music Podcast.

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Friday Club: Being Me is Easy

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Tue, 07/21/2015 - 12:00

Friday ClubA new track from Birmingham and Finnish collaboration FRIDAY CLUB dropped earlier this month on July 3rd after a bit of a hiatus the band had reportedly been taking.

“Being Me Is Easy” is a solid track that shows a lot of promise for things to come for the band, although we are sad that it ended a bit short at a little over 2 minutes. Naturally we immediately found ourselves getting our continued fix on their Soundcloud page and further drawn into 2013’s “Friday Club EP” and a handful of other great tracks.


Being Me Is Easy HypeMachine

Rathole Radio 150 – 19th July 2015

Rathole Radio - Mon, 07/20/2015 - 21:12

Download OggDownload Mp3

| Open Player in New Window

Time for another Rathole Radio! The usual mixture of eclectic music from around the world combined with the usual dose of elongated ramblings from myself. This show we have Russian electro, American rock, Polish indie, Italian metal, Scottish rap and much more. Hope you enjoy it.

00:00 – ManHat10FineCC BY Licensed – More Russian music, it seems to be a hotbed of talent right now. This beautifully produced bit of indie pop has hints of Dubstep and a great drum sound. Only released in April 2015.

07:53 – TickleMy Wee TribeCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – British hip hop with a message from Black Lantern Records. Tickle raps fast but perhaps that’s because he’s got plenty to say, I like his political sensibilities and the music isn’t bad either

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