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The Association of Music Podcasting (AMP) promotes and supports the idea that independent musicians and podcasters are the best hope for you to hear exciting new music. The association offers a direct link to quality podcasts and a weekly digest (AMPed) of great independent music. This is Podsafe Independent Music from New Media Specialists.

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Cowboy Cantor 228ª Emissão: artistas do mês de Novembro – a Jigsaw; Blunda

Cowboy Cantor - Sun, 11/09/2014 - 12:39

1. Daniel Catarino – Ídolo de Karaoke (Évora, Portugal)

Comprar: Bandcamp

2. a Jigsaw - Midnight Rain (Coimbra, Portugal) [artista do mês de Novembro]

Comprar: Loja oficial

3. Lotus Fever – Volatility (Lisboa, Portugal)

Comprar: iTunes

4. Patrick Joseph -  Bound to Break (Pittsburgh, E.U. A.)

Comprar: iTunesLoja oficial

5. Blunda - Messages (North Hollywood, E.U.A.) [artista do mês de Novembro]

Comprar: BandcampiTunes

6. Goodbye Heart – Wish (Seattle, E.U.A.)

Comprar: Bancamp

7. The DoupsI Said (Setúbal, Portugal)

Mp3 grátis: NOS Discos


Cowboy Cantor, a excelência da música independente.


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Roadhouse 506

The Roadhouse Podcast - Sat, 11/08/2014 - 19:54
We're rolling through the final months of 2014 with a bunch of new releases in The Roadhouse and a bunch of artists who've never been featured in the show. Travellin' Brothers, Shorty Kreutz, Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson, Nathan James, and The Como Mamas fill the hour. As always, you get the face of the blues in all its diversity for another hour of the finest blues you've never heard - the 506th Roadhouse.

Victory Kicks: I Got Drunk (I Called You Up)

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Sat, 11/08/2014 - 15:00

Victory KicksLondon based lo-fi indie rock group VICTORY KICKS have announced that a new record is on the way – The Young Flood EP, arriving this November 17th on the group’s own label Unmanned Aerial Vinyl. It’s preceded by an excellent new single called I Got Drunk (I Called you Up) that comes with an exclusive b-side.

The new record has taken the band 4 months to piece together and apparently there will be more news soon as well as upcoming gig announcements and sneak previews so make sure to bookmark a few of the sites below.


Download I Got Drunk (I Called You Up) HypeMachine

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the bugcast 335 – Skiddly Whiffers

The Bugcast - Sat, 11/08/2014 - 02:00

thebugcast335This week on The Bugcast: we grok technology advertising and fictional board games, plus we play 8 great tracks of Creative Commons and independent music!

Songs played

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking


Kids social school reports
YouTube: Android And You
What is Skiddly Whiffers?

Time to think about episode 350, let us know what your favourite tracks are from episode 303 to now! Suggest or contact us.

Please leave us feedback on the music or any of the topics that we’ve discussed

Podcasts mentioned

Association of Music Podcasting
Made In The UK Show

Next week

The next live show will be episode 336, which will be broadcast live in the chatroom on Friday 14 November 2014 at 21:30 UK time (GMT/UTC).

Special thanks go to

The artists for allowing us to play their music.
Everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast of this show.
Internet Archive for hosting the podcast files
Ubuntu UK Podcast for the use of their Icecast server
Euterpia Radio for the use of their Shoutcast server
World Wide Indie Radio for relaying the live stream on their own service
Love Leeds Radio for replaying the show on their station

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Dave’s Lounge #297: Listener-Supported

Dave's Lounge - Fri, 11/07/2014 - 12:28

Dave's Lounge Music Podcast #297Wow! Such a huge outpouring of listener support since the last show! I guess I’m not talking into the wind after all. Thank you, listeners, for showing your appreciation for Dave’s Lounge after show #296!

I’m not sure if this week’s music selection can top the last show, but that certainly won’t stop me from giving it a try. It does help to have some new releases from our pals at Cold Busted and yet another new Sine Music compilation in the mix this week…

Playlist for Dave’s Lounge #297:

  1. Emily Underhill, “Dreamcatcher”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  2. Niia, “Body”  Buy from: iTunes
  3. Klangstein, “Run”  Buy from: iTunes
  4. Eddie Shinn & Quincy Jointz, “Boring”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  5. Thriftworks, “A Fuerza”  Buy from: iTunes
  6. Solar Wolf, “White Sands”  Buy from: iTunes
  7. SAMBOX, “Close To Me (Concorde Avenue Mix)”
  8. Zac Love, “Lend Me an Ear”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  9. The Warheads, “Since I Don’t Have Anything”
  10. Lynchy Dada, “Lune”  Buy from: iTunes
  11. Loolacoma, “Time Warp”  Buy from: iTunes
  12. Evokateur, “Space”  Buy from: iTunes

Don’t forget to tell me your favorite song from this week’s show in the comments below!

I’m DJing in Philadelphia next week! You can hear me do a live set at the Gallerie Isada on Friday night, November 14, from 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM, as part of DJX Weekend. Click here for more details. (If you haven’t heard any of my live sets, check out my Mixcloud page.)

Take your place to chill on the go with the Dave’s Lounge App, which gives you to streaming access all the latest episodes of Dave’s Lounge, plus bonus mixes not available in the podcast, for only $1.99. The Dave’s Lounge App is now available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

Enjoy the show!

Dave’s Lounge #297

Between The Rain: Shivers

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Fri, 11/07/2014 - 12:00

Between The RainFormed in 2006, Between The Rain is a hard rock trio out of the Bronx, NY. Tim Donlon, the spark and fuse of the band is a rock musician from the Detroit area who traveled to New York City to find the perfect members to complete the band’s lineup. After years of searching, he found them in bassist Victoria Rothman and drummer Xavier Martinez. [bio]

Web Site | Facebook | PureVolume

Download Shivers

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Edinburgh Man #184

Edinburgh Man Podcasts - Thu, 11/06/2014 - 21:57

After last week’s show in which I played a track by Schwervon someone tweeted at me to say (admitting they hadn’t listened for a while) that they really enjoyed it and were keen hear more… A quick glance at my “previous podcasts” playlist in iTunes suggest they’re one of the most played artists on the show!

Anyway, this got me thinking. I’ve played a lot of things on the show over the last 5is years. And I’m sure many people just dip in and out, so I thought I should do a show where I stumbled through that “previous podcasts” playlist and played some tracks that I (and maybe you) had missed or forgotten about.

It’s a bit of an experiment – in that the podcast playlist is normally set in stone before I do the show. Doing this requires a technical change which I’m sure will go horribly wrong.

Edinburgh Man #184 by Edinburgh Man on Mixcloud

1. Spice Hound Music co. – “The New Sensation” (Played courtesy of Spice Hound Music co., Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Entertainment For The Braindead – “Roadkill” (Played courtesy of aaahh records, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
3. Moon & Sun – “Bo” (Played courtesy of Moon and Sun, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Former Babies – “Werewolf” (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
5. Eternal Summers – “Dye” (Played courtesy of beko dsl, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. Throwing Muses – “Sunray Venus” (Played courtesy of Throwing Muses, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. Wounded Knee – “Muckle Sang” (Played courtesy of Gerry Loves Records)
8. Ana Threat – “I Can Only Give You Everything” (Played courtesy of Ana Threat, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
9. Blood Cave – “Old White Men Should Pay To Speak” (Played courtesy of Blood Cave)
10. Dressed Like Wolves – “Depth Charge” (Played courtesy of Dressed Like Wolves)
11. Lowpines – “Give Me A Horse” (Played courtesy of EardrumsPop, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
12. Swearin’ – “Irrational” (Played courtesy of Swearin’, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #184

DC649 Domani of Trust

Dark Compass - Thu, 11/06/2014 - 19:00
  1. Cleaver:Domani Si Muore (from “Leur Sauvage Pousée”, Italy)
  2. The New Jacobin Club: Angel MMXIV (from “Soldiers of Tha Mark”, Canada)
  3. Monolyth: My Redemption (from “Origin”, Portugal, Alien Mosh PR)
  4. Phosphene: Jekyll and Hyde (Chicago, USA)
  5. Echovolt: Underdog (from “Odds on the Underdog”, Spain)
  6. Dystopic: Perfect World (from “Dystopic”, Australia)
  7. Dream Circus: Make Believe (from “Land of Make Believe”, Fazendas de Almeirim, Portugal)
  8. Blind Race: Hypocrite (from “Come and Get It”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  9. Huldra: Black Tides (from “Black Tides”, Utah, USA)
  10. Karkaos: Depths of Madness (from “Empire”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  11. Beastmilk: Fragile Grip (Helsinki, Finland)
  12. Shiran: Remain (from “Warm Winter Day”, Israel, Clawhammer)
  13. Richie Ramone: I know better now (from “Something in my drink”, USA, Stampede)
  14. Perdition Winds: Temple within (from “Aura of Suffering”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  15. Evil Scarecrow: Enter the Knightmare (from “Galactic Hunt”, UK)
  16. Nero Di Marte: Pulsar (from “Derivae”, Italy, Prosthetic Records)
  17. Spawning Abhorrence: Bloated Reverence (from “The Cursed Earth”, Leeds, UK)
  18. Laugh at the Fakes: Killing Time (from “Dethrone the Crown”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  19. Kadinja: Henry Call Mash Yes (from “We Are Louder Than You 2.0″, Paris, France)
  20. Anguish: Stir up The Demon (from “Mountain”, Sweden, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  21. Hybrid Circle: Trial of Trust (Arrival on Titan)(from “A Matter of Faith”, Italy)


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Zaldor Unplugged 11-06-2014

Zaldor's World - Thu, 11/06/2014 - 18:04

Sorry, it’s been almost a month! Had a busy month! This show, I talk about the Detroit Podcaster reunion we had this week, as well as voting…

Cambridge Park: First Light

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Thu, 11/06/2014 - 15:00

Cambridge ParkEd Jefferson is a self-taught 25 year old multi-instrumentalist from Bristol, U.K who creates music under the moniker CAMBRIDGE PARK. He just recently issued a new EP entitled Bricks, three excellent songs that are currently available under a pay-what-you-will model over at his BandCamp link below.

Ed impressiely writes, plays and records all parts of what you are hearing, vocals, guitars, bass and drums. Bricks is a stunning debut, with another powerful track in ‘Wall of Waves’ and of course the wonderful single ‘Strays’ which we’ve embedded the video for below. Also, there is a twenty-five second teaser up on his Facebook page for the new video for ‘First Light’, exciting stuff which should be arriving shortly.


Download First Light HypeMachine

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JW Show 261: From the Middle of Nowhere

The Justin Wayne Show - Wed, 11/05/2014 - 14:12


This week I got to sit down with Reggie Mace and Beth Rahn, the two masterminds behind the wonderful gig nights at their tasting room in Dayton called Middle of Nowhere Sessions. Along with getting all the backstory, they also shared a few exclusive singles for us to play. You’ll also hear some excellent new music we’ve just got our hands on, and we’ll even talk a bit about mustaches. Yup, it’s Movember again.


Beth Rahn and Reggie Mace of Middle of Nowhere Sessions

The Playlist Title Album Artist Joey New EP Emily Capell For The Sun Flux Close Talker Now I Know (But I Don’t) No Shame In Playing With Yourself EP Chris Paul Morales Runaway Live Session for The Weekend recorded October 2014 The FrogHollow Band The Darkest Light The Darkest Light Sacred Sound Playground Punk Icarus DRLNG SYNTHESISING (demo) Free Download Elle Exxe Summer Day Charade Free Download Just Walden Slipping From Your Heart Slipping From Your Heart [ Single ] The Deadline Shakes Song Without A Chorus Song Without A Chorus Feldspar Perfect Key Perfect Key Jimmy Ireland Interview with Reggie and Beth from Middle of Nowhere Sessions Light At The End Of The Tunnel Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Single Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K Gang Fight Gang Fight Countless Thousands Lavender Lavender Mutant Vinyl


See you next week with Madi Davis!


~JW and CR

Jason Maek and Zaena: Maek It

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Wed, 11/05/2014 - 12:00

Jason Maek and ZaenaToday’s Dose, by Chicago based Jason Maek and Zaena is from their ‘Visual Album’ Maek Pandamonium, which is not your normal album. It is their debut, and is 17 music videos (totalling over an hour long) weaved together into one abstract storyline. it is embedded below for you.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube

Download Maek It

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Moving Parts: The Free People

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 15:00

Moving PartsMoving Parts is an indie beach rock band based in Minneapolis, MN, who came together three years ago, releasing two EP’s along the way.

Today’s feature comes from “Music From the Monastery”, a five song EP (one of the two) released in early 2014. The band is also currently working on a 3rd EP to be released in January.

A live performance of their song ‘Subjective’ was also filmed at the Monastery venue and is embedded below. Be sure to check out their BandCamp page for more from this excellent EP. Other personal favorites include ‘Sea Soul Shell’ and ‘Trippin on Your Ego’.


Download The Free People HypeMachine

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Glamour Assassins: Phantom of the Disco

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 12:00

Glamour AssassinsToday’s Dose is the first single from the forthcoming debut album Ain’t So Young from New Haven, CT band Glamour Assassins, expected to be released in early 2015.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Download Phantom of the Disco

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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AMPed Show #464

AMPed Weekly Show - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 05:00

Hosted this week by Matt Brier of Idiosyncratic Transmissions

Show: DarkCompass
Song: Scar Collection (2 Wolves)

Show: The Justin Wayne Show
Song: Dreamless Friend (The Wicks)

Show: The Vast Expanse
Song: Catch Me If You Can (Morgan)

Show: The Bugcast
Song: Who Am I (The Glass Child)

Show: Insomnia Radio: Canada
Song: When We Last Kissed (Featuring Drega) (Stephanie Braganza)

Show: Insomnia Radio
Song: The Facts That Lead Me Back (Killing Off Characters)

Show: Idiosyncratic Transmissions
Song: Hissfits (Hold/Transfer)

Show: Insomnia Radio: UK
Song: Jack (Rivertairs)

[Return to]

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 156

Idiosyncratic Transmissions - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 04:15

Music from the artists and the FuMP.  Theme song from Dan at

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast is a member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

C.Nichole – Hope You Hear This(On The Radio)
Youlanda Burnett – On My Way
DRLNG – Playground Punk
Gone Quite Mad – All The Building Blocks
Cody Joe Hodges – Getting Back to Country
Marc Gunn – Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers

Cowboy Cantor 227ª Emissão: 4º aniversário da Rádio Kapa

Cowboy Cantor - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 00:29

1. a JigsawNo True Magic (Coimbra, Portugal) [artista do mês de Novembro]

Comprar: Loja oficial

2. Blunda - A Broken Case (North Hollywood, E.U.A.) [artista do mês de Novembro]

Comprar: Bandcamp, iTunes

3. Will Stratton - Gray Lodge Wisdom (com The Weather Station) (Brooklyn, E.U.A.)

Comprar: Bandcamp, Talitres

4. Peirson - Outta My Mind (Toronto, Canadá)

Comprar: Bandcamp

5. Ark Life - Proud of Me Out There Mama (Denver, E.U.A.) [artista do mês de Outubro]

Comprar: Greater Than Collective

6. O Abominável - Real Demais Para Existir (Porto, Portugal) [artista do mês de Outubro]

Comprar: iTunes

7. These United States – First Sight (Washington, E.U.A.)

Comprar: What Are Records Mp3 grátis: Sítio oficial


Cowboy Cantor, a excelência da música independente.


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110: (40 Min) Mostly Mellow

The JogTunes Indie Podcast - Sun, 11/02/2014 - 22:52
Or play on the web here.

Roxanna The 110th episode is pop, R & B, rock, alternative, country. BPM range: 120-176.

To experience and enjoy running and working out exactly to the beat of great indie music, please subscribe to the The JogTunes Indie Podcast or get the MP3. You can download it directly in iTunes. Or access it with 2 taps using the JogTunes app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch available on the App Store and on our Android app on Google Play.



Jay Soul

Jay Soul

Roxanna and Jay Soul lead a list of great indie artists and mixed genres for your BPM running pleasure. The feeling is mostly mellow pop and R & B, with a bit of light rock, country, and alternative. The tempos are relatively easy going, starting at 120 up to a maximum pace of 176. Be sure you're fit for speed, or just lay back during the fast tracks.

My thanks goes to all of the artists for their generous music contributions and to Dave Porter of Music Clout, and Andrew Salmon of Cyber PR, for their kind assistance in providing talent for the show.

More thanks goes to Troy Warden for his great intro.

Check out the track details, purchase options, and more info on this episode's podcast page.

At, you'll find purchase links to all of the tunes from all of our podcast episodes as well as over 2500 BPM-rated workout tunes from label and indie artists.

And don't forget our JogTunes App in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. It's a really fast and easy way to work out to the JTIP and to get new free episodes. A couple of taps on the app and you're off and running. I love the convenience when I work out to the show. I think you will too.

I also posted a video podcast episode on YouTube for working out on a treadmill to great indie music. It's called "Sam Page Rocks." Check it out here.

Enjoy the show and may your next run be your best one.

Dr. Bob

Please note: You should consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.  Neither JogTunes nor Dr. Bob will be liable for any complications, injuries, loss or other medical problems arising from or in connection with using this service. Also, please note that "BPM" refers to the tempo of a tune and the number of foot falls per minute, not your heart rate.

Made In The UK Show 165

Made In The UK Show - Sun, 11/02/2014 - 14:00

Hosted by Stuart of Insomnia Radio: UK


Rivertairs – Jack Manchester | Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Jungle Doctors – The Sea and the Rain London | Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | BandCamp

Dumb Angel – Salvation Gillingham | Facebook | SoundCloud

The Art [...]

Una Lux: Black Carbon

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Sun, 11/02/2014 - 13:00

Una LuxNYC-based foursome Una Lux is back with the release of the band’s new single Black Carbon, the second from their EP released in August.

Una Lux are: Matteo Liberatore, Chris Connors, Kelso Norris & Jake St. John.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Download Black Carbon

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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A still from the set of the latest Una Lux music video Somewhere, coming soon.
Photo by Yannick Bindert.

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