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The Association of Music Podcasting (AMP) promotes and supports the idea that independent musicians and podcasters are the best hope for you to hear exciting new music. The association offers a direct link to quality podcasts and a weekly digest (AMPed) of great independent music. This is Podsafe Independent Music from New Media Specialists.

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Edinburgh Man #192

Edinburgh Man Podcasts - Thu, 02/12/2015 - 20:35

What a day. Today was the day I tried (and loved using) a standing desk. I know, I’m about two years too late to this fad, but now, as I sit (SIT!) at my normally podcasting console I wish I had a standing desk for that too. That said, I’m a bit shattered. I guess standing up for most of the day probably contributed to that somewhat. In fact, I’m really looking forward to lying down.

On the podcast I talk at moderate length about standing desks, porridge (yep) and poo filled soft play areas. If only I’d stuck by my promise last week not to talk much.

Edinburgh Man #192 by Edinburgh Man on Mixcloud

1. This Heel – “Mars About To Leave” (Played courtesy of This Heel, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Arsenic! – “Knowledge Is Porridge” (Played courtesy of Arsenic, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
3. POWERXCHUCK – “Urban Mayhem (Tarp Surf)” (Played courtesy of PowerXChunk, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Lucy Cait – “Say Aye” (Played courtesy of Folkroom Presents, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. Nodding by the Fire – “Nothing gold can stay” (Played courtesy of Nodding by the Fire, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. Bulldog Skin – “Wet Coast” (Played courtesy of Bulldown Skin, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. Albino Father – “WTTV” (Played courtesy of Albino Father, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. Le Thug – “Outer Hebridean” (Played courtesy of Song by Toad Records)
9. Uniform Motion – “No Fun” (Played courtesy of Uniform Motion, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
10. Laundry League – “Slown” (Played courtesy of Laundry League, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #192

DC662 Kill Car Syndrome

Dark Compass - Thu, 02/12/2015 - 19:00
  1. Bitch Queens: Kill Your Friends (from “Kill Your Friends”, Basel, Switzerland)
  2. Valerian Swing: Spazio ( from “AURORA”, Italy, Small Pond Records)
  3. Joffel Project: Addicted (Helsinki, Finland)
  4. Caelestia: Mi Ultima Vida (from “Beneath Abyss”, Athens, Greece, Inverse Records)
  5. The Sanity Days: Satan’s Blood (from “Evil Beyond Belief”, USA, Candlelight Records) 23rd Feb
  6. Solefald: The Germanic Entity (from “World Metal, Kosmopolis Sud”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  7. Steak Number Eight: The Sea is Dying (from “The Hutch”, Belgium) Touring with Prong in April
  8. Peur: Hollow Skies (from “Hollow Skies”, Manchester, UK, Bluesoap)
  9. Ash is a Robot: Sleep Paralysis (from “Sympathetic Vibration”, Portugal, Intune) Touring and of Feb UK
  10. Gehenna: Unravel (from “Unravel”, Stravanger, Norway, Indie Recordings) Touring this spring
  11. Cry Excess: The Public Enemy (from “Ambition is The Sh**”, Turin, Italy, Luxor Records, Persistent Heart)
  12. The Damned: Smash it Up (from “Another Live Album from The Damned”, UK, Southworld Records, Candlelight)
  13. Them County Bastardz: It’s Not Metal (from “Sick Daze”, USA, Asher)
  14. Jacob Messianic: Tied by The Hand (from “The Beginning”, Manchester, UK, CoffeeJingle Records)
  15. Lay Siege: Hollow Hands (from “hopeisnowhere”, Northampton, UK)
  16. Ade: The Endless Runaway (Rome. Italy)
  17. Bad Salad: Deep Roots (from “Puzzled”, Brazil)
  18. Orgasmic Victim: Clumps of Cat Masturbation (from “Pain of Ass Drilling”, Russia)
  19. Storms of Aeolus: Energy (Austria)
  20. Unearth The Kings: Night Hero (from “And Yet it Moves”, Tenbury Wells, UK)
  21. Seven Year Storm: Blue Car Syndrome (from “Aion I”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)



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Maybe the Moon: Hammers See Nails

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Thu, 02/12/2015 - 13:00

Maybe the MoonBay Area (Northern California) residents Karmen Kimball and Alex Lasner fortuitously met at a party on December 21st, 2012, the day the Mayan calendar had predicted the world was to end. That night, they struck up a conversation about their mutual love for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, and realized they had both gone to the same elementary school, years before. They got engaged a few weeks later and, since then, they’ve been in the studio working on a batch of singles they plan to release over the course of 2015.

Hammers See Nails was just released a few short days back in February and is a slow-driving beautiful piece that gets in your head-space and pays off in spades throughout the course of the song, opening up and soaring at just the right moments. Be sure to bookmark at least one of their sites below as you will no doubt be hearing several more of the same high caliber releases in the coming months.


Download Hammers See Nails HypeMachine

JW Show Nominations for the 2015 Birthday Best Awards

The Justin Wayne Show - Wed, 02/11/2015 - 22:58


That’s right, we’ve nominated the top 20 songs played on The Justin Wayne Show last year for you to help us choose the top song of the year. You’ll hear a few of the songs from the top 20 as well as a few who didn’t quite make it.

Remember, the total audience voting will account for 1/3 of the final vote, so each vote you cast is worth quite a bit, indeed!

And the voting is LIVE for The Justin Wayne Show’s Birthday Best of 2014. You can also vote below.


I’m not sure if we’ll be able to blow out all the candles on March 2nd!

Then, join us live on March 2nd at 12pm PST (the time in your timezone) for The Justin Wayne Show Birthday Best Awards when we’ll reveal the winners, listen to some great tracks and just have a great time.

The Nominees for Best Song of the Year

The podcast above plays the tracks pretty much in the order you see below. Email us if you have any questions and you want to make sure you’re voting for the right person.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Get voting and we’ll see you next week!

~JW and CR

Malka: A Flock of Crows

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Wed, 02/11/2015 - 13:00
Malka Bilingual (Spanish/English) band Malka from NYC have released their debut EP The Constant State. Today’s Dose A Flock of Crows is from it.

The band’s sound has evolved since we featured them in 2013 and they now have three lead vocalists.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | BandCamp | SoundCloud

Download A Flock of Crows

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Angharad Drake: Swing

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Tue, 02/10/2015 - 13:00

Angharad DrakeBrisbane Australia based singer-songwriter Angharad Drake (ang-ha-rad) combines gentle folk melodies with insightful lyrics, reminiscent of artists like Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell. Originally hailing from the Sunshine Coast, she has built a solid following through regular performances in and around Brisbane and at more regional festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival.

Angharad Drake has been influenced by the musical stylings of artists such as The Tallest Man on Earth and Emma Louise and 2014 marked the release of her third EP ‘Swing’, a collection of songs inspired by her various travels and experiences. The songs reflect on the relationships of friends and the changes experienced throughout life, taking the listener on a melodic journey through the eb and flow of life.

We hope you enjoy this truly incredible piece and take a listen to some of the additional excellent tracks she’s offered up at her Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages below. We’ve also embedded one of her newest videos below, for the song ‘Meddling’.


Download Swing HypeMachine

Igneous Grimm: Welcome To The World

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:00
Igneous Grimm Igneous Grimm are from Fort Worth TX, and today’s Dose is from the band’s second album ‘Everything is the Same Thing’ released in March 2014. They released a single called ‘Distant Planet’ in January, we’re hoping that this is the first sign of a third album by the band.

“Igneous Grimm is a psychedelic folk rock band from North Texas. Formed in 2009, Igneous Grimm currently consists of Ryan Elmore, Jody Elmore, Zach Stevens, Roby Scott, Ben Hance and Riley Pennock.” [web site bio]

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | BandCamp

Download Welcome To The World

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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AMPed Show #478

AMPed Weekly Show - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 05:00

Hosted this week by Ro of DarkCompass

Show: Idiosyncratic Transmissions
Song: Toad In The Hole (Chimpshed A.D.)

Show: It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast
Song: Boy In The Night (Betty Argo)

Show: Insomnia Radio: Canada
Song: So You (NJ Taylor)

Show: DarkCompass
Song: Dyatlov (Seven Year Storm)

Show: Is This Thing On Podcast
Song: Who Do You (Little Brother Eli)

Show: Insomnia Radio
Song: Hometown (Table People)

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Idiosyncratic Transmission Podcast – Episode 170

Idiosyncratic Transmissions - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 04:15

Music provided by Jamendo, CyberPR, and the artists.  Theme song provided by Dan at

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

Outlaw Collective – Contain Myself
Kodah – Forever
Dead Happy – Dismiss This
Jeffrey Philip Nelson – Seventeen
Road Man – Dangerous Road
madelyniris – Leave and Never Look Back


Cowboy Cantor 239ª Emissão: Cut Records

Cowboy Cantor - Sun, 02/08/2015 - 15:50

1. Thunder & Co.Apples (Lisboa, Portugal)

Mp3 grátis: NOS Discos

2. The Crisis ProjectNot Again (Bristol, Inglaterra)

Comprar: Bandcamp, Cut Records

3. SigmaflySimilar Self (Manchester, Inglaterra)

Comprar: Bandcamp, Cut Records

4. ActraiserPhantomile (Bristol, Inglaterra)

Comprar: Bandcamp, Cut Records

5. AGC AsquireMontage Music (Riga, Lituânia)

Comprar: Bandcamp, Cut Records

6. SwoonFever Poem (Londres, Inglaterra)

Comprar: Bandcamp, Cut Records

7. Old Yellow Jack - The Man Who Knew Too Much (Lisboa, Portugal)

Mp3 grátis: Bandcamp



Cowboy Cantor, a excelência da música independente.


Assinaturas: Correio electrónicoFeedburneriTunes

XOVA: All This Time

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Sun, 02/08/2015 - 13:37
XOVA XOVA (pronounced Crossover) are a multi-genre band who fuse Pop with a modern mix of Reggae, Rock, Ska, Indie, Motown and folk.

This Birmingham UK based band is one to watch for in 2015 as they have just signed a Record deal with “Streets Music” productions to release their new album “Synchronise Your Leaders” along with a music video single “Lullaby” in next few months.

Web Site | SoundCloud | ReverbNation | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Download All This Time

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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Roadhouse 519

The Roadhouse Podcast - Sun, 02/08/2015 - 01:21
This week's edition of The Roadhouse features a pretty interesting picture of the state of the blues in the 21st century. Donald Ray Johnson, Pork Chop Willie, Ginger St. James & The Grinders, Eric Gales, and Altered Five Blues Band keep the hour moving toward our standard ultimate destination - another hour of the finest blues you've never heard: the 519th Roadhouse.

Sorren Maclean: Rows & Rows of Boxes (acoustic)

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Sat, 02/07/2015 - 13:00

Sorren MacLeanScottish indie-folk artist, Sorren Maclean has just announced the release of his forthcoming EP, Way Back Home, arriving next month on 9th March 2015 via Middle Of Nowhere Recordings.

Growing up on the Isle of Mull, Sorren began playing in bands from age 11. He recorded his debut album, Island, with Colin MacIntyre of Mull Historical Society, which led on to Idlewild singer Roddy Woomble inviting Sorren to co-write his second solo album, The Impossible Song and Other Songs, and they’ve been working together ever since.

As well as playing and touring with a few local groups, Sorren also produces albums and works and records with a composer for soundtracks to a few different television shows. Sorren’s talent has seen him transcend his own musical projects, having performed on over 20 albums, including upcoming releases from Nashville singer Eliza Lynn and one of Scotlands finest exports, King Creosote whom he is supporting currently on tour.

[via A Badge of Friendship]


Download Rows & Rows of Boxes (acoustic) HypeMachine

the bugcast 347 – Massive Money Suckers

The Bugcast - Sat, 02/07/2015 - 02:00

thebugcast347This week on The Bugcast: we talk about mobile messaging, cover versions, and we play our usual mix of 8 great tracks of Creative Commons music!

Songs played

Intro: Chris Juergensen – Bug Lips
Outro: Mark Marshall – Man Walking


BBC News: Emoticons can convert SMS to MMS and rack up costs

The Guardian: US Cover Versions copyright office

  • Podcast Awards 2015 – nominations are open until Friday 6 February!
  • Podcrawl Glasgow, Friday 10 July 2015
  • The clock is ticking for you to submit your choices for episode 350, which will be recorded live on Friday 27 February, let us know what your favourite tracks are from episode 303 to now!
    Suggest or contact us by Friday 20 February!
  • Please leave us feedback on the music or any of the topics that we’ve discussed.
  • The next live show will be episode 348, which will be broadcast live in the chatroom on Friday 13 January 2015 at 21:30 UK time (GMT/UTC).

Podcasts mentioned

Association of Music Podcasting
Made In The UK Show

Special thanks go to

The artists for allowing us to play their music.
Everyone who joined us in the chat room for the live broadcast of this show.
Internet Archive for hosting the podcast files
Ubuntu UK Podcast for the use of their Icecast server
Euterpia Radio for the use of their Shoutcast server
World Wide Indie Radio for relaying the live stream on their own service
Audio Graffiti for replaying the show on their station

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The Woodlands: Carousel

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 13:00

The WoodlandsIt has been a few months since The Woodlands released their album Gems And Bones (we featured the title track in July 2014), and now Samuel + Hannah have released a new EP called Secret Language.

They say of it: “Secret Language is essentially a love album — dreams of wanting love, exhilaration of finding love, despair of losing love. A secret language instinctively known, wistful in its shimmering, and elusive in its capture.

“Built on a foundation of acoustic warmth, the songs also have a smattering of vintage synths, surprising percussion, guy/girl harmonies, and even a cameo appearance by this beast of a musical time machine on the song Beating Hearts Ablaze.” [see picture below]
Facebook | SoundCloud | iTunes | Spotify | BandCamp

Download Carousel

IR: DD on HypeMachine

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The Musical Time Machine
Musical Time Machine

Rathole Radio 139 – Feb 1st 2015

Rathole Radio - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 00:06

Download OggDownload Mp3

| Open Player in New Window

Watch out, another Rathole Radio is on the loose. The 139th instalment of the worst murder mystery ever, nobody’s even died yet! But seriously, it’s another episode packed with music, musings and anything else I could find in the studio. Hope you enjoy it :)

00:00 – RucaMarte (Mars)License Unknown

10:21 – More Or LesSaltines – (feat. Timbuktu, Chokeules and the Wordburglar) [Cosmo Remix]All Rights Reserved
14:18 – Greg Baumont – The Blue StarCC BY-NC-ND Licensed

21:15 – Kid At HeartHelloCC BY-SA Licensed
26:22 – Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys – Atom Bomb – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed

33:11 – T-Bird & The Breaks – Will To Live – All Rights Reserved – The second track from their new album Harmonism, sadly it seems they’ve stopped releasing under Creative Commons. Hear the band discuss their reasoning on Rynothebearded’s recent OO Show.
36:05 – Exitland - Sleep My ChildCC BY-NC-SA Licensed

43:45 – I Am Not Left-Handed – Spark – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed

48:44 – James BartholomewFar AwayLicense Unknown – Sent to me by James

56:13 – More Or LesConsumption (Measuring Man Phthisis Mix)All Rights Reserved

BIG THANKS to Tim Gibbon and Evgeny Kuznetsov for donating via Paypal to support the show. Also thanks to everyone who continues to click the Flattr buttons on the various episodes, you keep this show going!

Email all feedback and suggestions to – show AT You can also find me on Twitter and Like us on Facebook and “Plus” us on Google+ Next Live Show: Sunday Feb 15th 2015 @ 9pm UK

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed the show. Thanks also to everyone who turned up in our IRC channel at the channel name is #ratholeradio. I don’t expect much to happen there in the weeks between shows, but if people want to hang around and chat you’re more than welcome. Don’t forget you can access the channel from a web browser by going to and entering #ratholeradio in the channel text box. Take care till next time folks.

Subscribe to the show and get it delivered for free: Mp3 feedOgg FeediTunes

Music Sources and Licensing: A few of the tracks in this show are from the artists own personal websites and don’t contain licensing information. That’s why they are listed as unknown. The individual licenses are listed next to each track, where known. If there is no license listed you must assume all rights are reserved on that song.

Association Of Music Podcasting: Rathole Radio is a proud member of the Association Of Music Podcasting. Check out all the other great member shows.

Creative Commons License Rathole Radio by Dan Lynch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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Edinburgh Man #191

Edinburgh Man Podcasts - Thu, 02/05/2015 - 21:15

It’s the first rambling podcast of the year… and I’m not ready for it. Firstly I couldn’t even find the cables that would allow me to broadcast live. And secondly I had at least four, maybe five, abortive attempts at starting the show. We got there in the end though.

I also have a new years resolution – if I don’t have anything interesting to say I’m just going to play some music. How did I get on so far? You decide.

Edinburgh Man #191 by Edinburgh Man on Mixcloud

1. Sei Yamamoto – “Wild Cat Stomp [Mono Mix]“ (Played courtesy of Sei Yamamoto, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Deerhoof – “Exit Only” (Played courtesy of Polyvinyl Records)
3. ANANA SOUND – “C’mon Tigre – Fédération Tunisienne De Football” (Played courtesy of Anana Sound, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. The Son(s) – “On The Forth We Float” (Played courtesy of Olive Grove Records)
5. Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo – “Vulture People” (Played courtesy of Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo)
6. Gleemer – “Workout” (Played courtesy of Gleemer)
7. H. Grimace – “Imogen” (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
8. Le Thug – “Basketball Land” (Played courtesy of Song by Toad Records)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #191

DC661 Go Thousand

Dark Compass - Thu, 02/05/2015 - 19:00
  1. Gurd: Go For It (from “Fake”, Switzerland, Czar of Crickets)
  2. Free Ride: Hellride (Direct, Finland)
  3. Bio-cancer: Bulletproof (from “Tormenting The Innocent”, Greece, Candlelight)
  4. Bitch Queens: Bullseye Baby (from “Kill Your Friends”, Basel, Switzerland)
  5. Tripod: Devil Feeder (from “Devil Feeder”, Norway)
  6. Lykaion: Animals (from “Heavy Lullabies”, Rome, Italy)
  7. As Animal Eat My Insides: Swag in The Bag (from “Devoured”, Georgia, USA)
  8. Valerian Swing: Cancer Minor ( from “AURORA”, Italy, Small Pond Records)
  9. Vanity Draws Blood: Fractured (London, UK, Erin Large)
  10. Joffel Project: Back on the Road (Helsinki, Finland)
  11. Siegebreaker: Cold Black Eye (Single Release, Canada)
  12. Caelestia: Secret Rite (from “Beneath Abyss”, Athens, Greece, Inverse Records)
  13. Slaughter to Prevail: Crowned and Conquered (Russia, Deadlier)
  14. Putrid Offal: Premature Necropsy (from “Mature Necropsy”, Douchy-les-Mines, France, Kaotoxin Records, Clawhammer)
  15. Kolony: Monopoly (from “Sledge”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  16. In this Moment: Sick Like Me (from “Black Widow”, USA, Century Media)
  17. Solefald: Bububu Bad Beuys (from “World Metal, Kosmopolis Sud”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  18. Ire Wolves: The Ascetic (from “The Ascetic”, Duluth, Montana, USA)
  19. Unrest: Drown (from “Grindcore”, NYC, USA, Unspeakable Axe Records, Clawhammer)
  20. Lay Siege: The Illusion of Choice (from “hopeisnowhere”, Northampton, UK)
  21. Seven Year Storm: Dyatlov (from “Aion I”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  22. Their Dogs were Astronauts: Chapajuby (from “Earthkeeper”, Salzburg, Austria)
  23. Khaelys: A Thousand Things (from “Across the Ages”, Strasbourg, France)


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Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast 253

Is This Thing On Podcast - Thu, 02/05/2015 - 14:08



Is This Thing On Podcast  Never miss an episode subscribe with Itunes

This will keep you warm some hot tunes including a track from me that is just screaming out for collaborators SCREAMING! If you want to add a musical contribution you can listen to and download CRAZY on my Soundcloud page by clicking HERE

On with the rest of the show… First was Iris a good no nonsense guitar rock bacd doing what they should with a track called Candle. Mickey Carroll is the kind of guy you invite to dinner who turns up wearing spats and spend the evening winking at your wife! He is also a great blues musician with his own show on Youtube. His new track Slowtrain is just sublime.

Jumble Hole Clough – Cocoa Palace Keeper is like the kind of dream you have after taking prescription drugs, glorious! My Monthly Date – 21st what the Beasty Boys would have sounded like if they grew up in Guildford, easily listenable and instantly likeable. Old House Playground – Stardance Nick Drake channels Elvis singing to a Tarentino film score powerful and addictive!


I also posted this new video on the youtubes if you fancy it 

Click here to view the embedded video.


The post Is This Thing On Independent Music Podcast 253 appeared first on Is This Thing On? Independent Music Podcast.

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The Hourglass Cats: Too Damn Rude

Insomnia Radio Daily Dose - Thu, 02/05/2015 - 13:00

The Hourglass CatsIt’s nice to hear another good new band bust out some tight ska and reggae-infused rock, especially when it comes from the nearby Arizona scene. The Hourglass Cats (THC) are from Phoenix, AZ and formed there not too long ago in 2012, apparently with members from all over the place: Germany, NY, CA, and of course Arizona. The group has already made quite an impact in that time-frame with their high energy act, sharing the stage with established groups such as Allen Stone, Slightly Stoopid, Dispatch, Thievery Corporation, Passion Pit and more.

They sent over a few tracks and apparently have created their own unique sound, spanning all the way from desert-driven rock to latin inspired ska/reggae and even Hip Hop. We’ve embedded a great video for an earlier release below from their YouTube page which we think you’ll like. We recommend bookmarking the social sites below for the latest news and to hit up Bandcamp or Soundcloud for all the newest sounds being put out.


Download Too Damn Rude HypeMachine
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