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On The Daily Dose, The Insomnia Radio Network brings you daily mp3s, legally and with permission from the artists. One excellent song per day delivered directly to your iPod or PC. DJ Chatter and socks not included. The socks would be rocked off anyway. And the DJs? They're busy with all the other podcasts around here.
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Protomartyr: Dope Cloud

Thu, 08/27/2015 - 12:00

ProtomartyrDetroit based band Protomartyr’s new record, “The Agent Intellect”, arrives October 9th worldwide via Hardly Art. This week they started sharing “Dope Cloud,” a new song from the full-length, and apparently as close as the band as ever come to a “radio single.”

The almost-anthem deals in a currency of lost ownership and the futility of creature comforts, as Joe Casey’s lyrics paint mental images of a “saltmine racist gang” and a “pizza king” swollen with riches. It definitely reminds us of the melodic raw power that we initially heard in old favorites like early Jawbreaker, Dag Nasty, Sebadoh and Pavement – definitely one of our favorite tracks released this year.

The Agent Intellect remains available for pre-order, with all initial LP orders on dark green vinyl.

[via Hardly Art Records]


Dope Cloud HypeMachine

08.29.15 – Brooklyn, NY – Villain ?
10.09.15 – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar = (tix)
10.10.15 – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar @ ^ (tix)
10.11.15 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern ^ (tix)
10.12.15 – Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz PDT ^ (tix)
10.13.15 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East Upstairs ^ (tix)
10.17.15 – Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery + (tix)
10.18.15 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s # (tix)
10.20.15 – Raleigh, NC – King’s Barcade # + (tix)
10.21.15 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl (tix)
10.22.15 – Nashville, TN – The Stone Fox (tix)
10.23.15 – Bloomington, IN – Blockhouse # + (tix)
10.24.15 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club # (tix)
10.25.15 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall (tix) 10.28.15 – Nantes, FR – Soy Festival 13 – Stereolux (tix)
10.29.15 – Lille, FR – La Peniche (tix)
10.30.15 – Brighton, UK – Green Door Store (tix)
10.31.15 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club * (tix)
11.01.15 – London, UK – Scala * (tix)
11.02.15 – London, UK – Dalston Victoria % (tix)
11.03.15 – Bristol, UK – The Fleece * (tix)
11.04.15 – Manchester, UK – Sound Control * (tix)
11.05.15 – Glasgow, UK – Stereo * (tix)
11.06.15 – Birmingham, UK – The Rainbow Cellar (tix)
11.07.15 – Cardiff, UK – Swn Fest (tix)
11.09.15 – Brussels, BE – Botanique (Rotonde) (tix)
11.10.15 – Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof (tix)
11.11.15 – Hamburg, DE – Hafenklang (tix)
11.12.15 – Copenhagen, SE – Loppen (tix)
11.13.15 – Aarhus, DK – Radar (tix)
11.14.15 – Berlin, DE – Berghain Kantine (tix)
11.16.15 – Cologne, DE – MTC (tix)
11.17.15 – Strasbourg, FR – Le Mudd Club (tix)
11.18.15 – Paris, FR – Point Ephemere (tix)
11.19.15 – Rotterdam, NL – Rotown (tix)
11.20.15 – Utrecht, NL – Le Guess Who? $ (tix)
11.21.15 – Kortrijk, BE – Sonic City – De Kreun (tix)

? – w/ Deradoorian (free w/ RSVP)
= – w/ Deaf Wish, Casual Sweetheart
@ – w/ Spray Paint
^ – w/ Growwing Pains
# – w/ Amanda X
* – w/ METZ
% – w/ Tense Men, Witching Waves
$ – w/ Deerhunter, Lightning Bolt, Shabazz Palaces, more
+ – all-ages show

Kiravell: Aladin

Wed, 08/26/2015 - 12:00
Kiravell We first played downtempo jazz infused indie artist Kiravell in October last year, and now she’s released her album, we’re featuring a track from it. Today’s Dose is Aladin, from her album Vaudevellia! which is available in both vocal and instrumental versions. Each track also has its own YouTube Video. Check out the links below for options.

“Vaudevellia! is a collection of songs that play with jazz and world music influences and dabble with pace experimentation and piano and vocal
interweaving.” [from bio]

Web Site | BandCamp | SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook


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Century Thief: Pillar

Tue, 08/25/2015 - 12:00

Century ThiefPillar is the first excellent single from the upcoming new album by Toronto six piece indie-pop collective CENTURY THIEF, with the release date set in a few short weeks on September 10th.

Being in the studio allowed the group to experiment as a band and brought them closer together, after which they ended up with a 13 song labor of love, ‘Reverie’ that tackles the subject of fighting stagnation. Regarding this subject, the band explained that it is “an honest attempt to understand the boredom and comfort of unhealthy situations, poisonous loves, cruel social structures, doubt and dead end routines”.


Pillar HypeMachine

Sept 1 – St Catherine’s, ON – The Green
Sept 2 – Peterborough, ON – The Garnet
Sept 3 – Kingston, ON – Musiikki
Sept 4 – Ottawa, ON – Pressed
Sept 5 – Montreal, QC – Le Cagibi
Sept 10 – Toronto, ON (Release Party) – The Piston
Sept 19 – London, ON – EVAC
Oct 10 – Orilla, ON – Brownstone Cafe
Oct 24 – Guelph, ON – Cornerstone Cafe
Nov 28 – Sudbury, ON – TBA

Liminal Drifter: Troubled Mystic

Mon, 08/24/2015 - 12:00
Liminal Drifter Liminal Drifter (aka Dr. Simon Order) is down-tempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey, ambient electronica, gently irradiating your subconscious. Today’s Dose features Chloe March from the UK, and is the title track from his new album, just released.

“Drawing on the seminal Warp releases of the ’90s, including Black Dog, Plaid and early Autechre, as well as more contemporary peers, Liminal Drifter evokes a spectrum of emotions across beautifully detailed electronic tapestries. Moving from downtempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey electronica, this suite of songs works as if by osmosis, gently irradiating your subconscious.” [Album Info via Hidden Shoal]

BandCamp | Facebook | Twitter

Download Troubled Mystic

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Tree Machines: Summer Night

Sun, 08/23/2015 - 12:00
Tree Machines Tree Machines relocates from Lawrence, Kansas to Los Angeles, Releases poppy “Summer Night,” its first of three new singles.

In addition to “Summer Night,” look out for the new Tree Machines singles “To Be Alive” on August 28th and “At Arms Length” on September 18th. Then it’s on to the first Tree Machines album.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Download Summer Night

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State Shirt: Portasoul

Sat, 08/22/2015 - 12:00

State ShirtWe were very excited to receive the news this past week that LA artist State Shirt has returned with a new album entitled, Lost Hills.

Lured back to the memories of singer Ethan Tuft’s 1980s youth, Lost Hills is a collection of weird, slow-motion future-retro synthpop saturated with Betamax-modulated, reverb-drenched synths, delay-soaked staccato guitars, obsolete nu-disco grooves, ice particles floating above peaceful harmonies, along with intimate stories of loss, unmanageable fear, and paralyzing regret.

Recommended if you like Tycho, Washed Out, New Order, Passion Pit, or Com Truise.


Portasoul HypeMachine

CAB Collective: I Am Mine

Fri, 08/21/2015 - 12:00
CAB Collective “CAB Collective are a four piece rock band who exemplify diversity and versatility. Hailing from some of the furthest-flung corners of Europe and formed on the North coast of Scotland, CAB Collective have a strong history touring Europe and the Alps for playing up to 200 gigs per year.

“The band draws on a vast pool of experience and virtuosic instrumental talent. Their influences are eclectic which lead s them to be able to perform a range of music to suit any audience or venue. This is also reflected in their original recorded music such as their EP “Chaos and Balance”, and their forthcoming debut album.” [bio]

Web Site | SoundCloud | Facebook

Download I Am Mine

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Grounders: Bloor Street and Pressure

Thu, 08/20/2015 - 12:00

GroundersToronto indie rock group GROUNDERS recently released their debut-self titled nine-track LP on Nevado Records in May, of which today’s featured single arrives not too long after the first single and video for “Secret Friend” (See embed further below).

Bloor Street and Pressure is an excellent psychedelic-pop track that signals the bands Fall tour which looks to launch tomorrow in Ontario, winding through the West coast of the US, all the way from Seattle down to SF and LA for Culture Collide and then presumably ending in late October just before Halloween at Halifax Pop Explosion. See a full breakdown of the dates below.

[via Nevado]

Bloor Street and Pressure HypeMachine

Tour Dates
8/21 Sudbury @ The Townhouse
8/22 North Bay @ Raven and Republic9/10 Toronto @ The Silver Dollar
9/14 Winnipeg @ The Handsome Daughter
9/15 Saskatoon @ Vangelis
9/16 Edmonton @ Wunderbar
9/17 Calgary @ Broken City
9/18 Revelstoke @ Harvest Festival
9/19-9/20 Victoria @ Rifflandia
9/22 Vancouver @ The Media Club
9/23 Bellingham @ The Shakedown w/ Frog Eyes
9/24 Seattle @ Rendezvous9/25 Eugene @ Luckey’s
9/26 Portland @ White Eagle10/1-10/2 San Francisco @ Culture Collide Festival
10/8 Los Angeles, CA @ Culture Collide Festival
10/11 Denver @ Moe’s
10/13 Chicago @ Schubas
10/14 Pittsburgh @ Spirit
10/20 Boston @ Great Scott10/23 Moncton, NB @ Plan B
10/24-10/26 Halifax Pop Explosion

Monster Jaw: Summer Girl

Wed, 08/19/2015 - 12:00
Monster Jaw If melodically charged garage rock is to be the soundtrack to your summer, then UK trio Monster Jaw have an offer that may fulfil your needs.

Monster Jaw, from Leeds/Bradford, are offering their full EP releases from 2013 – 2015 as completely free downloads from SoundCloud until the 1st September 2015. This includes all their EP releases to date – ‘Get A Tattoo’, ‘Losing All My Friends’ and their recent lo-fi and self-produced ‘Basement Sessions’.

Today’s Dose is from Get A Tattoo.

Check out the strange DIY ‘Psycho-Sock Puppet’ music video for the single ‘Never Change’ below too.

Facebook | Twitter | Web Site | SoundCloud

Download Summer Girl

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Lady: Chuta

Tue, 08/18/2015 - 12:00

LadyLADY is a punked-up post-shoegaze four piece hailing from the middle of Long Island whom recently landed on the newest compilation by Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, a collective of musicians and DIY recording studio and label located in Brooklyn, NY. MCFK Section 6: Respawn Dub is the name of this new collection of twelve excellent tracks by twelve different musicians, an artifact of MCFK’s reemergence from flood-soaked purgatory and their first 12 tracks released since returning.

LADY’s most recent news is that they’ve also recently released their debut EP “Washer”, which began and was mostly tracked back in Mama Coco’s facility before the studio was decimated by the aforementioned floods. The band patiently waited nine months before entering the new Bushwick studio and completed vocals and mixing.

Links for these releases follow, with lots of great music to uncover.


Chuta HypeMachine

Skippin’ Rocks: Cora Papadakis

Mon, 08/17/2015 - 12:00
Skippin' Rocks Independent band Skippin’ Rocks, say that they cram themselves into a 60sq ft practice space in Chicago, and have churned out 2 EPs this year. Their latest, Dressed for Rejection, was released in July and is available on a ‘Name your price’ basis from BandCamp, as is their previous EP Slice, from which today’s Dose comes.

BandCamp | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Download Cora Papadakis

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Green Sky Accident: Sundrench

Sun, 08/16/2015 - 12:00

Green Sky AccidentSundrench is the lead off track on Norway based rockers GREEN SKY ACCIDENT’s excellent new ten song album, Fever Dreams.

Since the release of their first record on Interregnum records, Drops of Color, big changes has occurred for the band, musically and physically. Both of the founding members are now living in Bergen and the band has expanded to include a new drummer and bass player. The band finished their new record in Klangkollektivet Studios during the spring of 2014 and are now unleashing it upon the world with the help of Ghost Town. Many of the live shows the band played before entering the studio was apparently key in establishing their current sound, which they laid down big parts of in the studio setting.

Inspirations of the band apparently include those epic buildups that Sonic Youth are know for or perhaps the tremolo guitars of My Bloody Valentire as well as the fuzzed out pop from Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk, some of our favorites as well.

[via Ghost Town]


Sundrench HypeMachine

My Body: BKNY pt. 2 (Zula remix)

Sat, 08/15/2015 - 12:00

My BodyA few days hence Brooklyn band MY BODY, released a remix of their track “BKNY pt. 2” done by another amazing Brooklyn group Zula. Zula took the one minute long track and expanded on it, creating a slowly evolving four minute beautiful landscape that switches halfway into Zula’s classic sound, filled with grounding live drums and accented psych guitar riffs, resolving into a dancey, energetic, and uplifting feel.

This spring MY BODY released the Six Wives EP, and features the original version of “BKNY pt. 2” The EP was inspired by Steven Milhauser’s short story “Thirteen Wives” which we were told is an allegorical short story illustrating the multi-dimensionality that one person can have while in love. The group is now releasing new remixes of each track of the EP, done by some of their favorite artists. They are extremely excited to play with the connections between their songs and “Thirteen Wives” while writing the EP, and reportedly are feeling mighty rewarded to see some of their favorite artists expand the potential meaning between both works even further.


BKNY pt.2 (Zula remix) HypeMachine

East End Lovers: Dannyboy

Fri, 08/14/2015 - 12:00
East End Lovers Young London Band East End Lovers have just released their début single Dannyboy via SoundCloud. Check out the video that goes with it below too.

Facebook | SoundCloud

Download Dannyboy

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Dazy Crown: Perfect Dream

Thu, 08/13/2015 - 12:00

Dazy CrownDazy Crown is a project started by song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, and self-producing musician Thomas Little – hailing from the small town of Newmarket Ontario in Canada. Inspired by both the classic and modern sounds of surf/garage rock, Dazy Crown combines a retro lo-fi sound and ditches the acoustic guitar, bringing in a vintage sound while focusing on political themes rather than personal worries and woes. Perfect Dream is his debut single, an outstanding new effort from the nineteen year old now apparently based out of Norwich in the UK.

Inspired by the likes of Mac DeMarco, Courtney Barnett, Alvvays, and Real Estate


Perfect Dream HypeMachine

moduS ponY: shoes, shirts, servicE

Wed, 08/12/2015 - 12:00
moduS ponY moduS ponY is the project of Matt Ackerman from Hawthorne, CA whose new record Dandelion Isle was released in June.

“moduS ponY is an independent experimental musician/producer out of Hawthorne California. moduS ponY straddles the line between intellectual and visceral, creating music that is at once groovy, catchy, and a little weird.” [Bio]

BandCamp | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Download shoes, shirts, servicE

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Jettison Tape: Paraffin

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 12:00

Jettison TapeWith Jettison Tape, Brooklyn-based musician Dave Fischoff has taken disparate elements from his musical past and melded them into a cohesive whole: the debut album, Second Sleep. We featured his excellent track “Ghostboxes” previously and after paying a return visit were quickly lulled and charmed by the dreamlike sounds of “Paraffin”, also on this newest effort, Second Sleep.

Recorded entirely in a Bed-Stuy apartment, the music on Second Sleep wasn’t apparently originally conceived as an album. The first pieces Fischoff produced, started off as simple musical doodles – little ideas he came up with between film scoring gigs. “Even when I wasn’t working on other people’s projects, I still wanted to make music,” Fischoff says. “And working without constraints, without the notion that anyone would even hear this stuff, left me completely free to experiment, to follow the sounds wherever they wanted to go.”


Paraffin HypeMachine

Streaming Lights: Box Room Boy

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 12:00
Streaming Lights Streaming Lights are a trio formed 4 years ago in Hull, East Yorkshire. Today’s Dose is a recent release of theirs. They released the album Kick last year, available from the iTunes link below.

Please note the welcome return of the prominent cowbell in this release.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes


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Red Traces: Adcom

Sun, 08/09/2015 - 12:00
Red Traces Red Traces is the project of Albert Ovadia, from Miami, Florida. Today’s Dose is his new track.

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | ello

Download Adcom

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The Cadbury Sisters: Drifting

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 12:00

The Cadbury SistersBristol based artist, The Cadbury Sisters have returned with their excellent second EP Sarah, out now via Fear of Fiction Records.

Coming exactly one year after their debut EP Close, Sarah is an exciting departure from the trio’s folk soaked vocal harmonies that defined their previous output, which is more than evident in the EP’s gorgeous title track, as well as singles Get This Feeling and Drifting. There are a host of sonic influences, ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush to Bat For Lashes and First Aid Kit.

The EP is named after the trio’s mother, an incredibly strong and important person in their lives. Both the title track and the EP are an exploration of the inner strength and confidence needed to overcome certain situations, such as leaving a toxic relationship or dealing with newfound feelings that you didn’t expect to have for someone.

[via A Badge of Friendship]


Drifting HypeMachine