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An international indie music podcast produced by Peter Clitheroe in Suffolk, England
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SnC 412 – Sun is shining …

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 20:32
Jaro Milko and the Cubalkanics bring us some sunshine again this week.

Jaro Milko and the Cubalkanics bring us some sunshine again this week.

We’re back to something like normal this week as the sun returns to the northern hemisphere. We’ve new music from old favourites Matt Andersen and Sweet Soubrette a starter track from Gianna Lauren who comes justifiably recommended by Paper Beat Scissors some Cubalkanics and more.

We’re starting with a direct submission from Seattle singer/songwirter Nick Foster.


All You Are To Me – Nick Foster (Seattle, WA, USA)Foster

Singer/songwriter from Seattle WA, crafts compelling folk/country songs that range dynamically from intimate acoustic to reckless blues and indie rock. On the heels of his independently released ‘The Glowing Heart’ and the video release for the single ‘Letters,’ he enjoyed a successful 2013 debut, marked by a steadily growing following, packed crowds and warm audience responses.

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM from Nick’s Bandcamp page (below) “The Glowing Heart” – Limited Time Pay What You Want / Please Share!!

4/19 @ Good Studio’s [Omak, WA] w/ Sarah Gerritsen.



Anchor Down - Gianna Lauren (Halifax, NS, Canada)Gianna

Originally haling from Ontario in Canada, Gianna Lauren is set to release her EP ‘On Personhood’ via Forward Music Group on 5th May 2014 and for a limited time only, the lead single ‘Anchor Down’ will be available as a free download via SoundCloud

The single ‘Anchor Down’ is a beautifully crafted slice of lush indie atmospheric rock, overlaid with softly percussive drums and serene guitars. Stylishly quirky Lauren makes dreamy songs, which nod gently to the likes of Anna Calvi, Suzanne Vega and Edie Brickell.

Anchor Down’ is a song about love and committing to a relationship. In Lauren’s own words:

“The lyric ‘what have you been saying, I wasn’t listening’ is a reference to a conversation I was having with my old-school Italian Nana about settling down, and I built the rest of the content around that”.

You can catch Gianna live throughout the UK on the following dates:

24th April: East London, UK – Gallery Cafe (Folklore at 93 East)

26th April: Sheffield, UK – The Rude Shipyard

27th April: Hackney Wick, London, UK – Green Door. Vittoria Wharf Studio

1st May: Liverpool, UK – Liverpool Sound City

2nd May: Bristol, UK – The Louisiana

6th May: Islington, London, UK – The Garage

7th May: London, UK – The Slaughtered Lamb

8-10th May: Brighton, UK – The Great Escape

GIANNA LAUREN – Anchor Down from Southern Souls on Vimeo.


AndersenLost My Way – Matt Andersen (New Brunswick, Canada)

An old friend of the show, Matt Andersen has his 8th album called Weightless, produced by Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin. It’s out on True North records in the USA and, of course you can get it from iTunes.

If you heard the session Matt recoded here at The Barn, you’ll be aware of the progression his music has made, with a much more rocking, full sound. It certainly seems to be getting him noticed. He’s playing lots of prestigious venues with some big names. Well deserved success.

He’s on tour in Canada right now with US dates coming up in May. There was talk of him coming over to the UK this summer but, sadly, that looks rather less likely.

Check out the video of the song.



JayI Will – Daena Jay (LA, CA, USA)

Originally from South Africa, this young writer with an old soul, has been shaped by many home-cities around the world that captured her spirit and imagination, including London, Durban, Cape Town, Perth, and LA. Stories of life and love and loss have made their way to Daena who writes as a true outlet of creative expression.

Daena launched onto the Los Angeles singer-songwriter scene in 2010 after a chance encounter with producer/songwriter Bobby Hartry. That meeting eventually led to a collaboration resulting in their Emmy-nominated song ‘Home Again’.

Her latest project: SUBDIVISION, was released via CatBeach Music on March 18. SUBDIVISION takes on a more aggressive and bold sound with a beat-based musicality and rhythmic vocal melodies. Lyrically, SUBDIVSION has fewer introspective and melancholy moments while capturing more visceral and primal expressions.



CubalkanicsCumbia Orientale – Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics (Basel, Switzerland)

We heard from Jaro Milko a few weeks ago (show 403) but the album was released last week so the is the perfect opportunity to play another track.

The Cubalkanics first took shape in 2010, but the genesis for the project began long before that. Milko, who was born in Switzerland after his parents moved from Czechoslovakia, had played Balkan music for many years, then began mining the Gypsy swing of Django Reinhardt as a member of Prekmurski Kavbojci. The Cuban influence arrived after Milko visited the country with his girlfriend.

“There was so much familiar stuff. Furniture and glasses that were the same as my parents had in the 1970s. It was familiar and weird at the same time.” He began an ongoing affair with Cuban music, especially the guitar and tres. The final strand fell into place in 2008, not long after Milko became a member of Firewater, the band formed by ex-CopShootCop singer & bassist Tod A.

“We were touring in the US and someone gave us a cumbia compilation. We all feel in love with it and played it all the time on the road.” But it resonated deep for Milko and the seeds were planted for his new sound.

There’s a point where the rhythm of the cumbia, the sound of Cuba and Balkan music all come together. And it’s right in the heart of the Jaro Milko and the Cubalkanics. It’s a place without borders, wild and wonderful; it’s Milko’s creation, where surf guitar, Cuban son and the powerful hit of Gypsy brass dance side by side. The five-piece Swiss band fuse his vision into a unique, delicious whole on their debut Cigarros Explosivos! (released March 28th, 2014 on Ashpalt Tango).


AuquidTerra Incognita – Auquid (Kiev, Ukraine)

Auquid is an electronic musical project by singer-songwriter Stanislav Zabielin (born 1992) formed in 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine. Zabielin started out making electronic music in 2010. After creating several EPs and LPs under the name of O.Z.O.N., he decided finish the project in order to create a different quality of music. And that’s when Auquid started in April 2013 as a studio project.

The album is a mix of, house, dub-step, dance, electronic and classical. It was the classical aspect that drew my ear to the track. I was driving the other night and in flicking the car radio around between stations I came across a programme of choral music, which I’ve not really listened to for a long time. Then this popped up on the horizon.



soubretteLive Wire (Reduxe Remix) – Sweet Soubrette (Brooklyn, NYC)

You’ll possibly remember that on SnC 406 we heard about the remix contest that Sweet Soubrette has been running, providing the stems of tracks from her most recent release. Well, the results are in and they make interesting listening. There’s a huge variety of styles on show, even among the contest winners. You can hear all the winners on Soundcloud, including this track which is the Reduxe Remix of Live Wire. I hope we’ll have more music from London-based Reduxe in the coming weeks.

Update: Ah. How sweet is Soubrette? Just about to publish the show and I got a tweet from hoping I’m “on the mend”. Yes, well on the way now Ellia – thank you.



SnC 411 – Speakeasy Vintage

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 16:47
Electro vintage

A slice of the Speakeasy Sounds this week.

An enforced variation from the usual show (whatever that may be) this week, caused by my being laid up for the past few days with an infection in one of my lungs. I don’t think I’ve ever coughed so much but you should check my six-pack – OK, maybe not.

The upshot is that I’ve had no chance to trawl through the couple of hundred submissions that came in this week so they’ll be deferred until next week, when the competition for a slot will be even hotter!

This week we’re going to revisit an album that we mentioned back at the beginning of January from the Montreal based Speakeasy Electro Swing team which was founded in 2010 by DJ’s Eliazar, Don Mescal, and Khalil. They have been on the forefront of introducing the Electro Swing sound all across North America, and brought the Speakeasy Electro Swing Vol 1 compilation to fruition last spring to help on the journey.

800140DJ Eliazar is the founder of the Speakeasy Electro Swing nights in Montreal, which have now spread all over the world with Speakeasy nights happening in NYC, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Houston, Mexico City, Oklahoma City, Oslo, Barcelona, and Leeds.

In January we heard tracks from Speakeasy Electro Swing Vol. 1 This time we’re moving on to The Electro Vintage Sounds of the Speakeasy  Vol 2 which DJ Eliazar has compiled and which you can download complete or track by track quite free from Bandcamp at

All the info you need from the main site

800107As we constanly evolve and discover new things in life, Volume 2 is on the Electro Vintage theme, which includes Electro Blues, Gospel, and Soul to add to our love of Electro Swing.  Many artists are criss-crossing genre lines all the time, and as most of us are in love with all forms of old music, why not rework all the styles into a melange of fun.  After attending Jazzfest and Bluesfest in Chicago throughout my youth, there has always been a love for these styles of music in my veins.

We have called up some of the crew from the last compilation, and also invited many new faces whose tunes have been pumping out of speakers as I have been touring around a fair bit spreading the word of Electro Swing across North America and beyond.  We hope you support them and buy their music, as all of us are doing this for the love of music, and usually are always broke because of it.  Heck, I even have to pay 2 cents per DL of the album, but it is worth it to spread the toons, and hopefully you can help us out by supporting us by attending our shows, buying other music and merch, or donating to the cause.

Enjoy the day for all its potential, and dance more often, it always makes you feel better:)

DJ Eliazar


Man of Constant Sorrow – Mr Jennings (Richmond VA, USA)



Shake Your Hips – Warp9 & Essex Groove (Delémont, Switzerland)



Golden Gate Quartet – “Travelin’ Shoes” (Thornato Remix) – Thornato (NYC, USA)



Hypocrite Shoes (Bessie Smith & Friends) – Eclectic Mick (Aber-Arth, Wales)


Crothers Gonna Work It Out – DJ August (Pécs, Hungary)


Don’t forget, there are 35 more tracks on the FREE album! That should keep you busy until next week ;-)


SnC 410 – Spectrum

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 17:49
Scarlett Rabe brings her heart-ferlt music to us this week.

Scarlett Rabe brings her heart-felt music to us this week.

A selection of some considerable contrast this week with a couple of quietly beautiful and affecting tracks matched up with some solidly crafted pop from California and Singapore and even a blast of Australian electronic dance music.


WeareshiningWheel – We Are Shining (London, UK)

‘DEVILEYES’ is the latest offering from London-based WE ARE SHINING. An 8-track mixtape showcasing the duos signature hypnotic blend of vocal led beats; stand out tracks include their debut release ‘HEY YOU!’, ‘WHEEL’ and title track ‘DEVILEYE’ ft. vocals from Roses Gabor and the recently unveiled ‘KILLING’.

Meeting in London, the production duo ‘We Are Shining’ (are Acyde and Morgan) discovered an affinity for making music together after several years of connecting at some of London most forward thinking and musically expansive club nights.

Exhibiting an outright lack of restraint with their instinctive outbursts of beats, raw grooves and psychedelic noise – what holds their music together is what should tear it apart.  Adhering to no single style or genre, We Are Shining stand out for their unique and distinctly modern approach.

Featuring vocals from Eliza Doolittle, ‘KILLING’ became the soundtrack to one of the most anxiety-driven and heart-stopping dance displays ever seen. The video features professional knife thrower James Taylor and blade dodging dancer Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus.



The Fool and the Thief (Feat. Tim Gelo) – Dee C’rell (London, UK)

Holm Records presents three new compositions from Dee C’rell under the title, Kommunikation, with featured German trumpet player, Tim Gelo.

The Fool and the Thief is a down-tempo, contemporary electro-acoustic jazz composition that brings Dee C’rell back to electronics and grand piano, alongside the trumpet tones of German musician Tim Gelo. Combining the elements of electronic sound manipulation, acoustic piano, and the electroacoustic treated down-tempo rhythms, The Fool and the Thief merges all of the possibilities of contemporary electro-acoustic jazz in an exquisite composition.


Wicked – Boy Epic (Location unknown)

The song, which is the third instalment of what Boy Epic calls “an intensely personal” video trilogy, comes as his online popularity is skyrocketing. His recent rendition of “Say Something” by A Great Big World (and featuring Christina Aguilera) has nearly 2 million YouTube views in just over two months.

Like its predecessors, “Hell” and “Say Something,” “Wicked” focuses on the darker side of a relationship gone bad. “Wicked” was, according to Boy Epic, “the most difficult of the three videos to film.” The Dallas, Texas native lost 15 pounds to accurately portray the negative effects of the depression and mental instability that often follow a traumatizing event. The video for “Wicked” finds Boy Epic somehow managing to sing while being restrained and seemingly overwhelmed and clawed at by hands covered in a black paint-like material.

For the sake of achieving authentic emotion, Boy Epic decided to feature in his videos someone he knew well: his ex-girlfriend. The two had recently broken up when filming began, so if it seems as if Boy Epic’s anguish is real throughout the trilogy, it is.

Watch part 1: “Hell”

Watch part 2: “Say Something”


Filmed by: Sean Carr


Battle Cry - Scarlett Rabe (Santa Monica, CA. USA)

Scarlett Rabe, the classically trained prodigy turned soulful singer/songwriter, unveils the new lyric video for “Battle Cry,” the new single off her EP Scarlett. “Battle Cry” will be made available in her online store. Scarlett, who was forbidden as a child from participating in pop culture, now has over one million fans on her Facebook page. She has recently won comparisons to Feist and Florence and the Machine.

Her parents prohibited television and radio. At the same time, they adamantly preached the classical arts. This included five hours each day that were dedicated to piano practice – a tedious routine that honed her musical craft. The result was that her early exposure to pop and rock music came from secretly listening to the radio, forbidden as it was. Scarlett explains: “I’d lay awake at night in my bed writing my secret songs. I’d silently sing about a girl who was suffocating, who wasn’t really alive. The music saved me, pushed me, made me free.”



Independent music growing but still in the margins

According to information just published by Tunecore, one of the largest digital distributors for indie and unsigned artists alongside services like ReverbNation and CDBaby, indie artist revenues grew by almost 20% last year, four times as fast as overall recording revenues which grew at under 5%.

But don’t get too excited.

Despite the heady growth among indies, mainstream artists are completely and utterly eclipsing independent artists overall. According to a recently-released study by MIDiA Consulting, the top 1% of artists are making 77% of all recording revenues.

Another interesting trend from the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) Digital Music Report, is that unofficial videos are getting more traffic (and generating more advertising revenue) than official artist videos. You know the answer, let the artists make unofficial videos.


Come together – Light Year (Sydney, Australia / London, UK)

Light Year came to be, many aeons ago, in a celestial orb – just slightly to the east of Australia’s dance music capital, Sydney.

Light Year’s final release on Bang Gang: “Moderation” made waves within the electronic music scene with Tensnake & Tiga calling it one of their favourite tunes of 2012. Moderation later received remixes courtesy of Paul Woolford’s Special Request project and Jori Hulkkonen (of My Favourite Robot and Turbo fame), which resulted in further worldwide acclaim.

2013 saw Light Year make a definitive move to the UK to allow himself to settle and hone his craft. The move paid instant dividends as Light Year enjoyed a very successful year in the studio with noteworthy releases on distinguished labels Turbo, Convex Industries and This is Music.

Next Monday, Light Year will be releasing his highly anticipated first EP with seminal electronic music record label Ghostly/Spectral. As he continues to work hard behind a rack of drum machines and synthesizers, in his studio, making sounds to merge the global dance floor community into a singular consciousness of light, sound and dance.



Take Me To Love - Monster Cat (Singapore)

MONSTER CAT releases their radical full-length record The Violet Hour. Produced by Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Flea, Mark Ronson) at the famed Studios 301 in Sydney.

Lushly layered and full of fresh, exotic sounds, MONSTER CAT’s new album The Violet Hour is hard to pin down. Despite drawing from a host of genres, the record focuses on creating intense, melodic rock songs while keeping the band’s trademark vocal harmonies. The result is an exciting and emotional sonic trip, that aims to give the listener new perspectives on the rock paradigm.

MONSTER CAT is slated to tour the new record in China (JUE Festival featuring The Lumineers), Australia and Europe for the year 2014. A music video is in the works for their lead single “Take Me To Love”, with more videos and new merchandise to come.



SnC 409 – Warming up

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 16:19

Ras Fiery brings some powerful reggae chant to the show this week.

A moderately acoustic show this week with tracks from UK-based solo performers Mister Bicester and Funke and the Two Tone Baby, some beautiful Arkansas harmony and southern vibes from Little Chief and Turchi, spoken word over trance from Manchester, some fiery reggae from Toronto and to mark the first warm days of spring here in Suffolk, what could be destined to be the summer anthem this year from Melbourne’s Young Hearts remixed in NYC by The Chainsmokers.


strange_talk_chainsmokersYoung Hearts (The Chainsmokers Remix) - Strange Talk (Melbourne, Australia) / The Chainsmokers (NYC)

A few short weeks ago, Strange Talk released a brand new single, Young Hearts to the world. Within a few short days it hit #1 on Hype Machine, garnering some solid new press and nearly 150,000 plays.

Shortly thereafter, The Chainsmokers, who formed as electronic dance music producer DJs in 2012 in New York City picked up on it. In 2012, they had collaborated with Indian actress and recording artist Priyanka Chopra for the song Erase. More recent remixes have been for Bastille & Ellie Goulding & soon-to-be Chromeo). They said: “Well Strange Talk is rad, Rolling Stone describes their new EP as the perfect blend of Daft Punk meets Phoenix and as compliments go, it pretty much doesn’t get any better than that.”

Commanding, crisp, and energetic: Cast Away, out April 29, 2014, is the highly anticipated debut album by  Strange Talk. 12 tracks of indie-meets-synth gems including the anthemic electro-tinged debut single Young Hearts.

The remix immediately shot to #1 on Hype Machine too and has garnered nearly 500,000 plays to date.



Mr BicesterThe Waiting Room (live) - Mister Bicester (London UK)

It is from his album Tonight We Ride – live at Elmslie Point, recorded completely live at Foof Records’ premier East London venue, this is Mister Bicester doing what he does best. Raw, intimate and energetic, this is a warts-and-all document of a perilously hot summer night in London, the sound of one man baring his soul in front of an enthusiastic audience of fans. You can download the album free from Foof Records.

That’s the first of two tracks from Foof Records which are available on a free sampler album.

“Mister Bicester is currently the one-man project of Howard Grater. A live album (‘Tonight We Ride‘) was released on Foof in 2013, which shows just why we think he is the creative lovechild of Otis Redding and Black Francis. Awesome songs, awesome voice… His music gives you a hard slap around your chops, but in a way that makes you think you probably deserved it.”



FunkeCecile’s Song – Funke and the Two Tone Baby (Margate, UK)

It’s great to have an excuse to play one of Dan’s track’s again. I’ve deliberately chosen an old track (from 2011) so that you can compare it with his latest video for Bella’s Kiss which is on his most recent album Battles and which he performed live here at the barn last year.

After a mid-winter break from live shows, he’s back with dates throughout March and beyond and he’s lined up for festival fun this summer.

Wednesday 19th March – Private: Hard Rock Cafe, Westminster – London

Thursday 20th March – Smugglers Sessions, The Lighthouse, Deal – Kent

Saturday 22nd March – The Red Cow, Folkestone – Kent

Friday 28th March – The Lamb, Lewes – East Sussex

Saturday 29th March – Platform 5, Ashford – Kent


Filey Folk Festival, Filey – North Yorkshire

Bearded Theory, Catton Hall – Derbyshire

Once Upon a Time in the West, Secret Location – The West

Farmer Phils Festival, Shrewsbury – Shropshire

Watchet Live Festival, Watchet – Somerset

More dates on his site at:



Little ChiefMountain Song – Little Chief (Lafayette, Arkansas, USA)

Since their inception in 2013 Little Chief has seriously impressed and with the release of Lion’s Den last week the group will be hitting the road and undoubtedly collecting more followers to their growing ranks fans known as “the tribe.“

3.22 – Waco, TX with Dreamboat  – Common Grounds – Tickets

3.27 – Denver, CO – Seventh Circle

3.28 – Fort Collins, CO with Aaron Strumpel – Everyday Joe’s

4.11 – Bolivar, MO – The Bean

4.12 – Bolivar, MO – House Show

4.18 – Tulsa, OK – The Vanguard

4.27 – Dallas, TX – Dallas Arboretum

5.2 – Fort Smith, AR – House Show



turchiEllicott City – Turchi (Asheville, NC, USA)

Turchi is kudzu boogie, a blend of slide-guitar fuzz and Deep-South trance, growing new branches from the deep roots of American music.

The band’s first album, Road Ends in Water (March 2012, Devil Down Records), features Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars/Black Crowes).

Turchi released their second album Live in Lafayette (March 2013, Devil Down Records, recorded live Nov. 2012 in Lafayette, LA) with featured guests John Troutman (The Mendoza Line/Little Band of Gold) on pedal steel and Brian Martin on Harmonica. The album captured the live energy and groove the band had built on the road, stretching out the songs to sink deeper into the night-train boogie, and received rave reviews in the US and abroad.

Their third release, My Time Ain’t Now (Nov. 2013, Devil Down Records), an EP capturing a more Americana, narrative-songwriting style, recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis in December 2012.

The band is focusing on preparing for and touring in support of the release of their next LP, Can’t Bury Your Past is due out on 22 April 2014.



SolonautThe Commuters (feat. Louise Fazackerly) - Soulonaut (Manchester, UK)

Soulonaut is Adam Cox, a prolific solo producer, father, music maker and TV director. Newly turned analogue synth addict.

A glance at his Soundcloud page shows an impressive catalogue of work, covering deep house, techno, breakbeat, R’n’B, hip-hop and his very own ‘Electrick Waffles’…

“This sheer variety will take you on a comprehensive journey through the possibilities of electronic music, and will make your life a little funkier in the process. Foof Records has released his debut album ‘Out Of Nowhere‘, which was intended to be a mere 4-track EP before exploding into a full-length album, and a rather eclectic and wonderful beast it is too.”

You can get the whole album free from Foof Records and while you’re there, do pick up their sampler album, also free.



RAS_FIERYBun Dem With Da Fire – Rasfiery (Toronto, Canada)

Four-piece band from Canada led by Allan Knights otherwise known as Ras Fiery, born in King’s Town and raised in Redemption Sharps, St. Vincent.  He was exposed to reggae culture from a very young age.  Ras Fiery shares his love for reggae music with anyone willing to listen.  He has been inspired by reggae artists like Bob Marley and has been exposed to the powerful  teachings of His Imperial Majesty from the enlightening  words of his Father. ““I could always vision myself in this foreign land spreading the words of Rastafari.”  Ras Fiery’s prophecy was fulfilled in 1995 when he moved to the city of Toronto with an upright attitude and determination to prosper on this side.

Ras Fiery holds a strong dedication to reggae music. His chanting brings an uplifting vibration that most can relate to.  In his music we can hear about the struggles of Rastafari people and about how we can make great changes through organization.

This fiery spirit is prepared for the awakening of our culture.  He expresses his views on balance in creation, holding fast to his faith in King Selassie I and Empress Menen.

Look out for his album called “Consisting Heat” coming soon to local record stores near you!



SnC 408 – In the dub

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 23:03

What a treat to have Dubamix back on the show and with a new album

We’ve got melodic electronic hip-hop from Brooklyn, house infused flamenco from Bronx, an official remix of a Local Natives track, guitar sounds from Mali, electro-dub from France, bassy South African dance music and some delicious guitar and accordion call and response from Astoria, New York.


Pool CosbyVideo Games – Pool Cosby (Brooklyn, NY) 

The Brooklyn based quartet, Pool Cosby, are releasing their second full length album, MMHMM: Remixes x Mash-ups x Edits on March 14. The album is already available for free download on the band’s Bandcamp page and to celebrate the release, they will be performing that night at Pianos at 10pm!

The 11-track album was mixed by Gabe MG and was mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio and follows their Can’t Wait EP which was released last summer.

A sample-based electronic hip-hop band from Brooklyn that was started by producers Joseph Caravalho and Andrew “Dru-tang” Klein, Pool Cosby is now a full live band consisting of Caravalho, drummer Nacor Zuluaga Morela, cellist Kristine Kruta and violinst Kevin Kuh.

The band starting gaining buzz in the NYC music scene in late 2012 and are currently #1 on Reverbnation’s experimental artists from Brooklyn list. They constantly play throughout the city, packing rooms including Spike Hill, Studio at Webster Hall, Drom, The Bitter End and Bowery Electric for CMJ 2013. They’ve already begun working on their next album and have already confirmed a ton of guest artists including Kool AD.

The Pool Cosby album release show will be this Friday, March 14 at Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, NYC at 10pm.  Tickets $10



Richie TomaStompin Spaniard – Richie Toma (Bronx, NY, USA)

Richie Toma Correa is a musician/producer from the Bronx NY.  His parents gave him piano lessons when I was seven. That lasted a couple of years ’til he lost interest and they decided it was a waste of time and money. However with the advent of electronic keyboards and synths in the late seventies, his love of music suddenly arose and surprisingly the lessons he’d learned were never lost. He was fifteen.

“My parents sold the old upright piano and bought me an electric keyboard and an amp. From there I started playing in bands and began compiling synths, sequencers, drum machines and MIDI. By the late 90′s my brother, DJ Louie Passion got on the band wagon and off we went.

“We had record deals with Nervous, Kult and Fourth Fl. to name a few.  At the time, electronic music was big overseas so several of our tracks became remixes by some of the big boy DJ’s in Europe.

“My last release was in 1999. Since then I have been toying with different styles and genres. But the House always lets you come home, so I am back. And I have been working on some new material that will collectively become my first solo album called Stompin’ Spaniard!  Almost two years in the making it will be a mix of house, latin, techno and disco.  A combination that I feel gives you the four on the floor bass drum with latin percussion and simple yet catchy synth and vocal lines that become repetitive yet infectious!  Have a listen!


local nativesYou & I (Dee C’rell Remix) – Local Natives (Los Angeles)

Official remix of the outstanding American band, Local Natives, and their stunning track, You and I, remixed by, Dee C’rell.

Featuring the iconic bands mesmerizing beauty and sincerity, and Dee C’rell’s minimalistic electronic musicianship, You & I is a deep and submerging electronic track that entwines the depth of emotional honesty in the songs beautiful lyrics.

A track that will no doubt be heard throughout the year and beyond.


The Great Escape

As SXSW gets underway in Austin we’re already hearing about the line-up for The Great Escape in a couple of months which includes The Neighbourhood who we heard on the show last week.

Check the evolving line-up at

There’s a pretty good deal on tickets that expires in a few days so, if you’re thinking about going, check this out. The TGE 3 Day Festival Saver ticket price will expire on Monday 17th March so get in now to pick up a ticket from just £49.50 for 3 days of new music by the sea in May.


ImarhanTimbuktuAichata talammomt - Imarhan Timbuktu (Mali)

IMARHAN TIMBUKTU was formed in 1993 by Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar El Ansari, known as M’ed Issa. Since 1995, the group has toured throughout the North and South of Mali. Indeed, they’ve supplied much of the soundtrack to life in Northern Mali over the past 10 years.

They have appeared annually on the stage of the Festival au Desert and have performed in Europe and the North America. The group’s name “Imarhan” means “those who love” in Tamashek, the Tuareg language. By adding “Timbuktu”, they demonstrate their strong pride in their legendary home town.

The core members of IMARHAN TIMBUKTU are Mohamed Issa, his brother, guitarist Ousmane Ag Oumar El Ansari, and their two sisters, percussionists and backup vocalists Fadimata Walet Oumar [known to all as “Disco”] and Zeina Walet.

The album title, “Akal Warled” (Foreign Country), speaks about exile and the hardships endured by the Tuareg refugees currently living in the camps of Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Algeria. These refugees want to return to live in peace in their northern Mali homeland.



Missing pics on old SnC episodes

Katrin pointed out via the website, that some of the pictures in the shownotes aren’t loading. But then I noticed she was referring to show 098 six years ago. I’d been intending to sort out the unformatted show notes from that time but it is so time-consuming that we really need a whole team on the job. I think it will just have to wait. Sorry.


DubamixLiberté II - Dubamix (Paris, France)

Dubamix emerged in 2003 from one man’s (Greg’s) libertarian revolt and his visceral love for dub. The musical foundation of Dubamix is built on early dub reggae as much as today’s electro dub as well as Haydn, Bach and Dvorak.

The incorporation of excerpts from politician’s speeches highlights their contradictions and contrasts them with Dubamix’s libertarian, anticapitalist and anti-fascist stance.

The live shows (over 80 to date) bring his video mixes, samples and acoustic instruments into creative interaction.

Now Greg is back in 2014 with his second Dubamix album “Pour qui sonne le dub” (For whom the dub) which you can get free from Jamendo. 15 varied and solid tracks to lift the spirits. It’s been a permanent fixture on my music system in the house for a couple of weeks and I’m still loving it, even though I probably don’t get all the political nuances, the music is just so damned good.

He also has a new live set based on samples of yesterday and today and as you’d expect, he’s still revolting against social injustice and xenophobia.

Live shows this month at:

15/03  PARIS (75)


28/03  LIMOGES (87)

29/03  TOULOUSE (31)


MartyPartyAnthem of the Masses – MartyParty (South Africa)

MartyParty and Joker will be throwing down their unique brands of dance music grounded in deep bass on their upcoming North American tour. The two producers will wreck dancefloors around the nation with their hazy atmospherics and sultry-minded sonic vibes  – languorous stretches of synthy psychedelia, grime and deep bass rooted in their true love, hard-hitting hip-hop -  touching down in NYC, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, LA and more.

MartyParty (Martin Folb) is a sonic enigma – try as you might to peg his “signature” sound, the South African producer/DJ’s genre is decidedly unclassifiable. Whether he’s producing commercial hip hop as Martin Folb or making electronic music as MartyParty, there is no mistaking his sound, rich, melodic and always emotional, an unpredictable roller coaster ride through his new production and timeless catalog.

Martin Folb wasn’t always the life of the party—for years, he was a computer programmer in Silicon Valley. He eventually switched it up, swapping software programming for Ableton Live to produce his own genre-defying music, as well as joining forces with Ooah of The Glitch Mob as  the mega duo PANTyRAiD. The beat maestro has been busy this past year with PANtyRAiD’s full-length sophomore album PillowTalk.



Mostly children’s progress is measured by walking, first words, reading and all that other boring stuff. Well, an eight month old, close relative of mine has just broken new ground with a quite passable guitar chord shape and a decent flaring strum. Proud of him.


ADCAkashic Field – Another Dead Clown (Astoria, Queens, NYC)

Another Dead Clown (ADC) was founded as a sprawling musical collaboration between friends. The band  now consists of Chris O’Keeffe, Gerad O’Shea, Meagan Brus, and Ian Deming and often also features an extended cast of family, friends, and brave audience members participating in live performances and recordings.

It started as a joke between childhood friends. Another Dead Clown was the pseudonym substituted for the latest sketch of a song or stupid idea – the “band” responsible for trade-school homework assignments, guerilla-style open mic appearances, and leading many a late-night dive bar sing-a-long. By 2011, Chris was steadily recruiting a coterie of friends and family to join the organization, and the ranks of ADC swelled along with the hours logged in cramped apartments, spent swapping the roughest of demos and amassing an increasing arsenal of backlogged ideas.

Although recently transplanted to NYC, Gerad had returned to Cambridge, MA a handful of times to rejoin Chris and play songs as Another Dead Clown. To do so, Gerad borrowed Chris’s grandmother’s heirloom accordion and learned how to play it like a squishy piano. The guys narrowed the catalog down to focus on a svelte five tracks, largely based around which songs would sound nice with some added ukulele and\or banjo.

Another Dead Clown’s debut album, “This May Not Work” was released in June of 2013. ADC has continued to grow, change, and push one another to experiment, get loud, and include any and everyone who might have an interest in helping them make music.

SnC 407 – SnC Platinum Pass

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 21:58
It''s "South By" season so here's the curtain raiser. .. "Are we nearly there yet?"

It”s “South By” season so here’s the curtain raiser. .. “Are we nearly there yet?”

This week we’re in Austin, Texas. Well, almost. For all those of us who don’t yet have tickets and passes for SXSW this year, a bit of a curtain raiser this week comprised entirely of artists that will be there.

Being distinctly international, we’re tracking artists travelling into Austin from Kansas City, Copenhagen, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia Canada, California and Finland.

If you are there, this week’s show has a few suggestions for artists you might want to catch live.

If, when you’ve heard the show you simply have to head SXSW don’t forget your plastic. Walk up tickets just for the music festival are now on official sale at $795. A bargain. If you want to take in the music, film and interactive festivals over a very full 9 days, you’ll need your loose change too, to put together $1695 for the Platinum badge.

Ha! We’ve got the music, we’ve got films in the show notes and all the artist links are live and fully interactive – what a lot of money we saved!


Mime gameDo You - Mime Game (Kansas City, MO)

Singer, guitarist and lyricist Dillon DeVoe created Mime Game as a side project in 2007 while still fronting the alt-rock act Josephine Collective.

In forming Mime Game, DeVoe assembled a group of musicians who like to say they are brothers from different mothers, independently and collectively committed to making music from the soul that also rocks every house they play. Home-grown in Kansas, the band spent much of 2012 in Atlanta where they picked up lead guitarist Dalton Gomez. Chris Bradley (bass) and Duncan Burnett (drums) came on board when the group returned to Kansas in 2013.

SXSW Showcase:

Fri. March 14th - 6pm – Music Saves Lives Showcase – Firehouse Lounge (605 Brazos St.)

Fri. March 14th – 7pm – Tapasitas (800 W 6th St.)

Mime Game – Do you from Outpost Worldwide on Vimeo.


CMKRolling – CALLmeKAT (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Denmark’s CALLmeKAT showcased at Midem last month and will be down in Austin next week for SXSW. Last week CMK closed out a European tour in Russia and had photographer Naja Conrad-Hansen on hand to capture the trip through the lens. You can view the photos over at Baeble Music along with the premiere of the “Rolling” music video. More of CMK “Rolling” Through Russia can be found at the band’s Instagram and catch CALLmeKAT at their New York showcase at Rockwood Music Hall – Stage 2 on Mon, March 10 at 8:30pm.

Bullett Magazine recently premiered the single, “Rolling” saying, “The song has a future-retro feel, with 60s-handclap pop brushing up against contemporary electronic touches.” The track is from the Hidden Waters EP, out this summer.

CALLmeKAT has a naturally psychedelic approach to alt pop, with references to the treasures of the 60′s and 70′s in a contemporary expression by the way of Copenhagen via Woodstock. The dreamy yet feet-tapping worthy jams weave together a more beat-oriented version of CMK with memorable melodies and wavy vintage organs anchored and lifted by a voice that truly sets CALLmeKAT apart from the masses.

Mon, Mar 10 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 8:30pm

Wed, Mar 12 – Austin, TX – Darwin’s Pub – L Rock, CEG, Mezzoforte Party – 3:30pm

Fri, Mar 14 – Austin, TX – Esther’s Follies – Official SXSW Showcase – 12:00 midnight


Lime cordialeFalling Up The Stairs - Lime Cordiale (Sydney, Australia)

Fronted by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, Lime Cordiale’s new EP showcases the band’s uniquely Australian sound, featuring quirky lyrics, pop hooks and big brass licks. Recorded over four months with Sydney producer Daniel Denholm (Washington, The Whitlams, Billy Thorpe, Midnight Oil), the EP has already been applauded by fans and critics alike since its release.

The last 12 months have seen Lime Cordiale perform to receptive audiences throughout Australia, including sold-out headline shows in Sydney earlier this year, well received sets at Australia’s biggest music conference BIGSOUND, Homebake, Peats Ridge and Deni Blues festivals, and gigs alongside the likes of The Rubens, The Specials (UK), Ball Park Music and most recently, as main support on Cosmo Jarvis’ (UK) national tour throughout Australia.

Lime Cordiale tells us,

“We’re extremely pleased to present our new EP to North America. Quote a few lines to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and they’ll either love you forever or never speak to you again.  Either way – we made a record to dance and sweat to, which captures the energy of our live show.”

Lime Cordiale will move to Los Angeles this month to support the release. They are also planning to tour in North America and Canada in March 2014, with performances already locked in at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas.  The band will perform at

Wed., March 12th – 1:10pm – Big Picture Media Showcase – The Thirsty Nickel (325 E 6th St.)

Thurs., March 13th – 5:20pm – Sound Gallery – B.D. Riley’s Pub (204 E 6th St.)

Thurs., March 13th – 9:00pm – Chugg Music Showcase – TenOak (409 Colorado St.)

Sat., March 15th – 12:15pm – The Aussie BBQ – Maggie Mae’s (323 E 6th St. – Downstairs)

Sat., March 15th – 9:00pm  – Planetary Group Party – Maggie Mae’s (323 E 6th St. – Gibson Room)


jungle giantsDon’t Know What Else To Do - The Jungle Giants (Brisbane Australia)

Since joining forces in 2011, The Jungle Giants (Sam Hales, Cesira Aitken, Keelan Bijker and Andrew Dooris) have forged a strong name for themselves as an incredible live band with their frenetic shows, gracing the stage of Australia’s biggest festivals and touring extensively upon an ever- increasing fan base and undertaken countless national tours (including a series of plum supports, coveted festival spots and their own sell-out shows).

New EP She’s A Riot, is an energetic collection of songs that draw’s upon Hales’ own life experiences of love, live, adventure and loss. Reflecting on friendships and relationships, Don’t Know What Else To Do tells of the cat and mouse game at the beginning of every relationship

3.15.14 Austin, TX @ Magge Maes 5:35 pm (Aussie BBQ SXSW)

3.15.14 Austin, TX @ Maggie Maes, Gibson Room 1:00 am (Official SXSW Showcase)


LionsMy Friend – Paper Lions (Belfast, PEI, Canada)

Paper Lions are an indie rock band from Belfast, Prince Edward Island in the east coast of Canada whose music shines with sunny melodies and tales of lost youth. Equally influenced by the clear-voiced harmonies of the Beach Boys and the clanging guitars of modern rock, at the heart of the band are long-standing friendships and vibrant pop songs based on the sandy shores of their remote island province.

Formed from a creative partnership that began in their adolescence, the band really found its shape in 2007. Rob and John MacPhee are brothers, Colin Buchanan is their childhood neighbour, and David Cyrus MacDonald they met in high school, but it took time and effort, practicing in garages and playing in clubs across North America, to become the band they are now.

The new album, My Friends, is based on themes of adolescence and youth but marks maturation in the band’s writing. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the band’s career. For the release of the album, the band has established its own imprint, Fountain Pop Records (Outside Music)

Wednesday, March 12 Austin, TX @ Worlds Tiniest Bar – 3:00 PM (SXSW)

Friday, March 14 Austin, TX @ Friends Bar (MROC Party) – 2:15 PM (SXSW)

Friday, March 14 Austin, TX @ Peelaander Fest – 12:35PM (SXSW)

Saturday, March 15 Austin, TX @ Friends Bar – 9:00PM (SXSW)


Female Robbery – The Neighbourhood (Newbury Park, CA. USA)Neighborhood

We had the delights of The Neighbourhood on the show 18 months or so ago. They’ve been touring hard and spending some time in the UK.

They’re a Los Angeles quintet specialising in crossbreeding musical genres. The 2013 debut album swirls anthemic indie rock with smooth R&B and some icy electro-pop, all shot through a sun soaked West Coast filter. At the core of this oral amalgam is Jesse Rutherford’s androgynous voice.

At the time of the track’s first playing on SnC they were a remarkably well-kept secret. After releasing Female Robbery on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show, in 2012 it quickly became apparent that The Neighbourhood would have no problem finding a home for their brand of infectious indie rock and hip hop expertly melded with youthful melodies and a soulful croon. Their I’m Sorry EP followed and now their first full-length, I Love You. Is now available through their site and from iTunes

Now the word is out and this year they’re playing the .html SXSW showcase show at Palm Door on 6th in Austin next Wednesday, March 12.

Well worth catching live I’d say.

Here’s a particularly dark movie of the track.

The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery from The Neighbourhood on Vimeo.


lcmdf“Rationality” feat. Ballet School - LCMDF (Helsinki, Finland)

LCMDF: Formerly Le Corps Mince De Françoise (which cheekily translates to the body of the skinny girl named Francoise), the Helsinki-based, Finnish electro-pop duo LCMDF, consisting of sisters Mia (23) and Emma Kemppainen (25), have been successfully and independently writing & producing their own music since 2006.

Between touring, DJing, hosting their own radio show and popular Helsinki club night, the duo is on the brink of completing their second full-length LP, set to be released in Fall 2014. Their honest approach to quirky pop is inspired by modern R&B and electro-dance, mixed with a sentiment based in modern spirituality and online life.


Friday, March 14 11:00PM – 11:40PM

412 Congress Ave (Alley Entrance) Age Policy: 21+


SnC 406 – Sweet Soubrette

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 20:39

This week’s show features Sweet Soubrette in conversation.

An SnC special this week which focuses on one artist with a few tracks and a chance to hear about what makes music tick for her as well as the delights and trials of being a working musician in the hot-bed of musical endeavour that is Brooklyn, New York.


Our guest is Ellia Bisker who writes and performs in her own right as Sweet Soubrette well as collaborating on any number of other interesting projects.

Live Wire – Sweet Soubrette

Going Out Tonight – Kotorino

Port in a Storm – Sweet Soubrette

Be My Man – Sweet Soubrette 

There’s another video directed by Mark Simmons for What’s My Desire? by Sweet Soubrette in the show notes for SnC 396 where there’s more information about Sweet Soubrette.