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Podcast Listener 101

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts have been described as TiVo for Internet audio and video, because it lets users save content digitally, and replay it at their convenience. Some podcasts are like TV shows while others are like a radio program you can download to your MP3 player or computer. The best podcasters offer programming you are unlikely to find through traditional media sources. The variety of podcasts is breathtaking, spanning every interest, activity and music genre.

What is the Point of Music Podcasting?

There is a lot of music on the web these days. A music podcaster is always on the lookout for really great songs. Subscribing to a podcast is like having a good friend recommend music that you would otherwise spend hours finding on your own. Music lovers know the thrill of hearing a really great new song. Podcasters get a bigger charge out of playing music to someone who has never heard it before. Best of all, music podcasts are free to download and listen to.

Do I Need an iPod?

No. You download the podcast you want to hear by using any number of podcast receivers including Juice, Net VibesPrimetime and iTunes. You can play shows directly from many music podcasters web sites right on your computer or download a show and copy them to the MP3 player of your choice.

Do I Have to Subscribe to Hear a Podcast?

No, subscribing is just a way to make it easier to hear future shows without having to find and download them manually each time. You are best off finding a few shows you really like first before subscribing. Try sampling a few shows at Podfeed or iTunes to see if you want to have them automatically downloaded to your computer.

Grab more information about subscribing to a podcast over on our guide: How to Subscribe to a Podcast.