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Welcome to musicians, artists, bands, and their agents. We are excited to recieve your music submission and consider it for airplay/podplay on all of our members various music podcasts and radio shows. Please read the Terms of Submission below and use the attached form to submit your tracks.

Currently we are unable to respond to all of the submissions. However, you will be contacted by a member podcaster if they decide to include your music in their show.

The Terms of Submission to the Association of Music Podcasting:

  1. Upload tracks only if you have the legal rights and authority to do so.
  2. Make sure the ID3 tags on the MP3 files are up to date. IF THEY ARE NOT, YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE HEARD AND WILL BE DELETED. ID3 tags are the pieces of information which tells your media player which artist, which track name, and which album the tracks come from. If you need to, you can get more information about ID3 tags here, or use this online ID3 tagger to complete the task first.
  3. You confirm and accept legal responsibility submitted works to AMP are the property of the artist, and all rights to these works, including lyrics and music, are the property of the artist.
  4. You confirm and accept legal responsibility that submitted works contain no recordings, lyrics, copyrights, or other elements that are the copyright of any other artist, except under the limited provisions of the Creative Commons License Agreement.
  5. Despite any recording contracts with RIAA, ASCAP, or BMI, or other recording industry entity, the artist retains ownership of the works, and is free to distribute, broadcast, license or sell these works at the artist’s discretion.
  6. You confirm and accept legal responsibility that these works can be incorporated into music shows and podcasts of any current members of the Association of Music Podcasting under the limited provisions of the Creative Commons License Agreement.

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