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Being a member of the Association of Music Podcasting means that you are part of a group of quality music podcasters. All prospects to AMP go through a quality control review, where their podcast is judged by their peers. AMP is willing to work with podcasts that do not meet the standards to get them to the level where the quality of their production matches that of the members.

Members have opportunities for cross promotion and affiliation with other member podcasts. AMP has an affiliation with leaders in the podcast arena, like Libsyn and Apple. For instance, if a member podcast has a problem getting into the iTunes directory, we can help. Members can submit music to AMPed, the official podcast of the Association of Music podcasting. This offers an additional chance for ears for one’s podcast.

Most important, one joins AMP to assist in the promotion of music podcasts as not only a viable, but superior means of music distribution. In turn, this supports the independent artists who are struggling to be heard.

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Quality is very important here at AMP. Only the best podcasts are allowed to join, after peer review by the other member podcasters. If you think you’ve got what it takes, and have produced at least 5 podcast episodes, then please contact the Membership Secretary via the form below.

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