The Podcast Starter Kit

When you decide to start on your own podcast, the first thing that you will need to do is to get your starter kit. Of course, this should be after you’ve decided what kind of podcast you’d like to get into.

As for the technicalities, here are the tools that you will be needing when launching your very own music podcast.


microphone - The Podcast Starter KitWe’re not just talking about any microphone; we’d like to emphasize how important it is to have a very good microphone. You see, people could let you off with minor glitches on your podcast but they wouldn’t bother with you if you have poor audio quality.

The entire quality of podcast entirely depends on the quality of your audio, you can only relay your message through audio. Of course, going for better-quality microphones could mean that it is more expensive. But you can control your costs through thorough research and canvassing.


headphones - The Podcast Starter KitSometimes, what you hear in your own space is not what your listeners could hear. In order to adjust the way you speak or the volume of your voice, you should use headphones as it would approximate how you’ll be heard from the audience’s point of view.

Pop Filter

Have you ever noticed that your “b’s” and “p’s” sound amplified as compared to the rest of the letters in the alphabet? In order to avoid this, you can speak on the side of the microphone or you can use a pop filter instead.

Its main function is to control the pop that is produced by the letters previously mentioned.

Application Software

vidcall - The Podcast Starter KitThis includes Skype for interviews if ever you’re planning to have one in the future, and recording and editing software to help you perfect your podcast before you upload it on the internet.

Apart from the other applications, we would like for you to understand how important it is to have good editing software. This could help your music podcast a lot as you could make sure that everything that can be found on your podcast is adding value.

Podcast Hosting Account

You should also know about podcast hosting websites. This will be your primary medium which will allow you to upload the audio file that you’ve been working on. There are quite a number of affordable hosting and publishing options that you can choose from.

As a starter, you should go for something that would save you more money.

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