About Us

The term podcast comes from combined terms “iPod” and “broadcasting.” However, it was known first as “netcast” wherein people would download audio broadcasts over the internet.

The reason why the iPod came into the picture is that people used to put the downloaded audio on their iPods.

The Music Podcasting

One’s podcast can differ from one another. Some could tackle political views, others could address social issues, and some resort to music. Of course, music has a lot of topics that you can get into.

You can use specific aspects of music or you can dig into the general term. Pick the topic which you know you have a lot to say about.

Starting Right

Aside from knowing what topic you’d like to talk about in your podcast, you should need to have the right equipment and do your own setup.

You see, it is important that you get good equipment because a high-quality audio sound would influence a listener in deciding whether to continue listening to your podcast or not.

If you are willing to make this your career, then you should invest in good equipment. Within this website, we will be giving you guidelines and tips on how to choose the right equipment.

We would also give you an idea which medium is best to go with when buying your gear.

In addition to that, we will also guide you on how to start your very first podcast. Things you need to do before, during, and after the podcast will be discussed thoroughly to make sure that you make minimal mistakes.

Of course, we do understand that not everything could go perfectly which is why we encourage everyone to accept criticisms as constructive.

Continuous Guidance

Even if you think that you’re done with us because you’ve survived a few episodes of your podcasts, there will be circumstances wherein you will surely come back to us. Having your own podcast channel has its challenges too and we will make sure to guide you through it.

Our articles are not only for individuals who want to start their own podcast channels but it’s also for those who are finding ways to improve their channel. Music Podcasting is here to extend every help that we can to those who are in need.