What You Need for Podcasting: Gear Guide

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast, but just never get round to do it? Perhaps you haven’t started it yet because you are afraid that it might cost you a fortune. Whatever your reasons for procrastinating, we’re here to help you get into action and getting your podcast launched!

In this post, we take a look at the essential equipment you need when you start your podcast.

Great Headphones

The function of headphones while recording a podcast is to hear exactly what the quality of your sound is like. This gives you more control on the quality of sound you produce and keeps any outside noises out. You also don’t have to buy the most expensive headphones for this task, a great brand recommended by professionals, however, is Sony.

A Quiet Space

Yes, you don’t need a fully equipped studio to make your own podcast. You do however need a quiet space that is dedicated to your recording activity. A great option for this is your home office or even a bedroom with the right furniture, including a desk. The key is that the room or space is quiet so that it doesn’t pick up too much noise while you record.

Recording and Editing Software

While this may be part of the setup that could be costly, it is worth investing in recording and editing software. Not only will this add a more professional sound, but you’ll also have more control in your recordings. You won’t have to worry about a laptop crashing while you are busy recording or any sound issues that may creep in.

Great Microphone

Lastly, part of the essential kit is getting a great microphone. The emphasis here is on ‘great’, it doesn’t have to be the ‘best’. Just be sure to go for a ‘dynamic’ type of microphone, it could even be entry-level, and you should be good to go. Always keep in mind how far you want to take your podcasting before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And there you have it! You should be all set and ready to get started. Remember to shop around, and find the best equipment that suits your budget.