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What You Need for Podcasting: Gear Guide

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast, but just never get round to do it? Perhaps you haven’t started it yet because you are afraid that it might cost you a fortune. Whatever your reasons for procrastinating, we’re here to help you get into action and getting your podcast launched!

In this post, we take a look at the essential equipment you need when you start your podcast.

Great Headphones

The function of headphones while recording a podcast is to hear exactly what the quality of your sound is like. This gives you more control on the quality of sound you produce and keeps any outside noises out. You also don’t have to buy the most expensive headphones for this task, a great brand recommended by professionals, however, is Sony.

A Quiet Space

Yes, you don’t need a fully equipped studio to make your own podcast. You do however need a quiet space that is dedicated to your recording activity. A great option for this is your home office or even a bedroom with the right furniture, including a desk. The key is that the room or space is quiet so that it doesn’t pick up too much noise while you record.

Recording and Editing Software

While this may be part of the setup that could be costly, it is worth investing in recording and editing software. Not only will this add a more professional sound, but you’ll also have more control in your recordings. You won’t have to worry about a laptop crashing while you are busy recording or any sound issues that may creep in.

Great Microphone

Lastly, part of the essential kit is getting a great microphone. The emphasis here is on ‘great’, it doesn’t have to be the ‘best’. Just be sure to go for a ‘dynamic’ type of microphone, it could even be entry-level, and you should be good to go. Always keep in mind how far you want to take your podcasting before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And there you have it! You should be all set and ready to get started. Remember to shop around, and find the best equipment that suits your budget.


3 Tips to Find the Right Music for Your Podcast

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Whether it is a music podcast or not, adding music to your podcast is a must. Although it is a fact that people visit your channel to hear you talk about things regarding music, you also need to prevent them from getting bored. The presence of music could help with that.

So, there are tons of music available for use. However, the problem would be which one you should use for your podcast.

In order to help you with that, we have compiled 3 tips that could help you choose the right music appropriate for your podcast.

Know Your Mood

photo 1513829596324 4bb2800c5efb - 3 Tips to Find the Right Music for Your Podcast

It is recommended that you set the general mood of your podcast as it helps to distinguish your channel from others. Of course, there will be times that you need to alter such mood depending on the topic you want to touch on but you need to stick to your mood most of the time.

It is imperative that the music goes perfectly with the mood of your podcast. If you want to have a feel-good podcast then you can go with happy and light music. If you want to establish a channel that criticizes aspects of music, you can go for darker and suspenseful music.

Check Out Other Podcasts

Podcast - 3 Tips to Find the Right Music for Your Podcast

In order to actually grasp the first point, we do encourage you to scout other podcasts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the one that you’ll be doing.

The reason why we want you to do such a thing is so you’d understand how different kinds of music are used for varying podcast themes.

In checking out other podcasts, you don’t want to go random. Find legitimate podcasts that already has plenty of listeners or those who have started making some buzz.

This will give the impression that they are doing a good job and could actually give you inspiration for doing yours.

Remember Music Royalties

Music Royalties - 3 Tips to Find the Right Music for Your Podcast

In choosing music, it is also imperative to check whether the music you want to use can be used for free. Basically, artists make money out of their music through royalties.

This is the reason why you need to be very careful of the things you put on your podcast as you can be sued or penalized.

Being able to choose the appropriate music lies in your judgment. If you’re quite unsure of your choices, you can reach out to a friend or someone you know that can really help you decide on the music to choose.

4 Points to Ponder When Starting Music Podcasts

featured045 752x440 - 4 Points to Ponder When Starting Music Podcasts

Deciding to start your own music podcast might seem to be all fun but actually doing it can be very stressful.

Before you actually decide on doing your very own music podcast, maybe you should need to take a look at the following points and actually assess your stand. This will hopefully impact your decision on starting or not.

Find Your Purpose

Before doing everything else, the first thing that you have to do is to understand what your purpose is

A podcast is an extension of one’s self. However, you won’t be able to perform well if you don’t really know the very reason why you’re doing a podcast in the first place.

Finding your very purpose would make you want to make high quality audio files rather than putting in whatever you can. Quality podcasts are the very key to make your audiences want to continue listening to you and others to actually explore your channel.

Can You Commit?

funds - 4 Points to Ponder When Starting Music Podcasts

One of the steps in establishing your music podcast is buying equipment. In order to produce high-end results, you will need to invest in gear that may empty your pockets. Knowing that you can really commit would make a difference as it could save you from wasting your money.

Think about spending money on something that you’re only going to use a few times a year, wouldn’t that result in wasting money? If you’re not serious about pursuing your podcast, then don’t do it in the first place. You’ll save money, effort, and everyone else’s time.


money 2724241 960 720 - 4 Points to Ponder When Starting Music Podcasts

Earlier, we’ve discussed something about investing in equipment. Starting a podcast could really drain the money out of you. Of course, there are ways that you can minimize your expenses.

First, you can opt for cheaper equipment which could probably have you ending up with the low-quality output. Second, you can rent; and third, borrow.

To be fair, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality but if you want to have something that is more than your money’s worth, thorough research should be performed.

Renting could become costly in the long run as it would eventually add up more than the actual cost of the equipment.


idea - 4 Points to Ponder When Starting Music Podcasts

The entire concept of music podcast is very broad. As a starting podcaster, you may want to start with specifics first. Once you’ve established a name, you can then proceed to expand your scope.

Of course, your audience would like you to tackle different aspects of music in order to keep their interest.

Do think about everything pointed out here before you take any step regarding launching your podcast. This will surely make a lot of difference especially when it comes to your future decisions.

3 Myths When Using Music for Your Music Podcasts

featured04 752x440 - 3 Myths When Using Music for Your Music Podcasts

There have been quite a number of misconceptions when it comes to using media items in a podcast. If you are planning to go into producing music podcasts, you may need to know about some myths that have been circulating and what the real deal is.

The 10-Second Rule

no - 3 Myths When Using Music for Your Music Podcasts

There is no such thing as a 10-second rule. No matter how long you play music, as long as it’s not copyrighted, the owner can sue you for using their music.

Just because you can download their music over the internet doesn’t give you the right to use it on your podcast, you still have to ask for their permission to do so.

Credit the Owner for the Music

photo 1487537023671 8dce1a785863 - 3 Myths When Using Music for Your Music Podcasts

It’s common for people to add credits for photos, music, and even videos that they use on the internet. This is appropriate for social media platforms but it’s not when it comes to podcasts.

You see, a podcast is more of your personal space and if you are planning to use any material in it, you need to have them licensed.

Not-for-profit Podcast

photo 1500989145603 8e7ef71d639e - 3 Myths When Using Music for Your Music Podcasts

Reasoning that you have a podcast show that is not-for-profit won’t cut it. When an artist makes music, they register it so that it can be copyrighted. This means that any person who will use it without their consent can be sued or penalized.

The moment that they released their music is the moment that they have established their right.

Can you remember the time when the government issued a statement wherein, they would arrest anyone who has been downloading files illegally?

The government’s reason for that is the artist’s work doesn’t get the compensation that they should have received because of the leaked files and that’s surely a way to drown the industry.

If you’re having second thoughts on starting a music podcast because of some of it’s legalities, don’t be. There are means that could allow you to use music for a small fee. Aside from that, you could also opt to discuss other aspects of music if you still don’t have your license ready yet.

5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

featured02 752x440 - 5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

Podcast has become very popular over the years and it can’t be denied that a lot of people have been thinking about having their own music podcast. We will be able to help you in setting up your podcast but we won’t be able to promise that it will be easy.

If you are up for the challenge and would want to pursue it still, then you should read the steps that you should follow in order to start your first music podcast.


topic - 5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

The idea of music is so broad, there are so many things that you can talk about with such a topic. As a beginner, you would want to start with a more relatable and specific topic. Know which audience you’d like to engage in and find out which parts regarding music have the most appeal to them.

Of course, as your podcast grows through the time you can expand the scope of your topic. As you interact with your audience, you’ll be able to take note of which topics excite them most.

The more relevant your topics are to your target audience, the more likely are they to listen to your music podcasts.


format - 5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

Decide on the format of your podcast. This would include the general order of the discussion, the length of your podcast, and the tone of your entire podcast.

This is quite an essential part as it could be the determining factor as to how people could distinguish you from other people who have the same general topic as yours.

Having a pre-planned format would be very helpful as it would build your thought flow quite easily. The tendency of not planning how your podcast will go will just end up on you redoing some parts of it just because it’s not really flowing right.


Podcasting - 5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

The key to having your audience coming back for more aside from your content is the technical quality of your podcast and this lies on your equipment.

If you are a beginner, you would usually have the misconception of buying branded equipment as you feel like it amounts to high quality.

In some cases, this could be true but there are underrated brands that could give you equally great tools and you should also be on the lookout for that. As a beginner, you wouldn’t want to spend your money in the same place at once. You need to minimize your expenses as much as possible.


editing - 5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

Even though you have the perfect topic and have devised the appropriate podcast format, there will be times where you’d mess up especially for starters. In order to make sure that your music podcast releases are flawless you need to edit it after recording yourself.


photo 1554200876 907f9286c2a1 - 5-Step Process for Starting Music Podcasts

After you are done editing and have made sure that everything is in order, you can now submit your podcast to your host. Once you’ve uploaded it, it will be ready for the people to download.

See? If you know what you’re going to do, everything will be much easier. And you’ll be able to make the content that you’ve always wanted to do.

6 Ways to Get More Audiences for New Music Podcast Releases

featured03 752x440 - 6 Ways to Get More Audiences for New Music Podcast Releases

It’s very hard to start your very own podcast. For starters, a lot of people may not take you seriously. Another factor is that there are already a lot of people who might have the same topic as your music podcast and it’ll be hard to enter the scene without going through much trouble.

In order for us to help you, we have compiled 6 ways that would help the new releases for your music podcast gather more audiences.

Use Your Network

photo 1554200876 adfd2a2048aa - 6 Ways to Get More Audiences for New Music Podcast Releases

Make sure that you’ve exhausted every network that you have in order to promote your podcast. There’s no other best way to start spreading the word that you’re starting your own music podcast than sharing the word yourself.

We recommend to not limit your definition of a network to the people who are close to you, reach out to people who are in the same community as you are even though you haven’t really got the chance to get to know them well. If you want to succeed, you need to swallow your pride and work harder.

Find the Right Podcasting Host

There are free podcasting hosts that you can make use of. However, their bandwidth is not that strong and their storage is limited. This means that if you’re planning to use your podcast for a very long time and actually make it a career, you should probably go for paid hosts.

Utilize SEO

Having your own page for your music podcast means that you need to make use of search engine optimization techniques in order to attract more traffic. The term SEO pertains to a way where you use the right keywords for your content so to rank up high in search engines.


Podcast Releases - 6 Ways to Get More Audiences for New Music Podcast Releases

We’ve mentioned earlier something about using your network. Now, in order to expand it more, you should try joining more communities online. Interact with more people within the internet community and they’ll surely support you once you have new releases up.

Use the Power of Social Media

photo 1504270997636 07ddfbd48945 - 6 Ways to Get More Audiences for New Music Podcast Releases

Social media has so much power. A lot of people spend too much time on social media that it’s easier to reach out to them there than any other means. With this amount of attention, you could easily spread the news with the right kind of ad placement.

Be More Visible to Your Listeners

In order to make your old listeners listen to your new releases, you should interact with them more. You could host a Q&A schedule where they could ask you things that are relevant to your music podcast.

You could also leave a question after your podcast so that they could have something to think about.

Starting your music podcast will never be easy. But, if you put your mind to it and exert every effort you can, it’ll eventually fall into place.

And with the right steps, you’ll surely be able to do what you have always wanted to do when you decided to make your music podcast.